Emerald Foods chooses Lascom’s PLM

How the leader of New-Zealand’s ice-cream market increases resource efficiencies thanks to Lascom’s PLM software

Emerald Foods is a premium ice cream manufacturer making and sharing New Zealand’s market leading brands including New Zealand Natural, Killinchy Gold, Chateau, Zilch and Like Licks. In addition, Emerald Foods offers private brand development services and manufactures for customers around the world. With offices in Auckland, Syndney, Hong-Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, Emerald Foods employs over 200 people generating $5.7 million in annual sales.

Emerald Foods Logo banner Lascom customer story
Emerald Foods customer story ice cream PLM project

Emerald Foods initially expressed the following needs:

  • Save time on specification management
  • Access to a collaborative environment for product formulation
  • Speed up approval cycles and sharpen decision making
  • Interface the product development solution with the ERP system

“We found in Lascom’s solution a holistic program able to interact with both manufacturing and technical specifications.”

“Lascom was the only provider to come on site to initiate a face-to-face relationship. They managed to make PLM concepts intuitive and successfully passed them on to our teams.”

“We have a great experience with the software. It helps us save tremendous amounts of time and streamline specific processes of our design chain.”

– Sophie Shaw,
General Manager Technical at Emerald Foods