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Because your time is valuable, Aptean Food and Beverage PLM Lascom Edition offers out-of-the-box SaaS PLM solutions for the food and beverage industry.

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Product portfolio management is critical to cosmetic product innovation. Choose Aptean Food and Beverage PLM Lascom Edition for your beauty and personal care organization!

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Lascom from Aptean offers prepackaged, Product Lifecycle Management (P.L.M.) solutions,
dedicated to development and portfolio management of Consumer Packaged Goods (C.P.G.).

Food and BeverageDiscover

Shorten product time-to-market while achieving regulatory compliance.


Improve project monitoring reliability and access all elements needed for regulatory files.

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Build a tailored and user-friendly PLM solution thanks to Aptean PLM Lascom Edition’s flexible platform.

Gestion du cycle de vie des projets
PLM et Lancement de nouveaux projets
Collaboration projet avec le PLM

Project Management

Bring your teams together to launch trouble-free new projects. From ideation to product launch, monitor all the milestones of your projects with accuracy.

Keep control of your teams’ workload and quickly identify delays thanks to dedicated reports.

Product development

Equip your Research and Development team with a powerful formulation tool able to detect any mismatch between a formula and its brief. Keep track of all the prototypes.

Free your teams from time-consuming calculations so they can focus on innovation.

Développement de nouveaux produits
Cycle de vie des nouveaux produits
Product LifeCycle Management et développement produit
Qualité de l’information produit
Gestion de la qualité produit durant le cycle de vie
Qualité produit et Product Lifecycle Management

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Generate in a few clicks the list of ingredients and the nutritional values, in accordance with various regulations.

Edit your product technical sheets using custom templates and gather all documents required for the Product Information File (P.I.F.).

Centralize quality events related to your products, such as non-conformities, complaints or cosmetovigilance cases.

Product Information

Don’t waste any more time looking for product information. Aptean Food and Beverage PLM’s product information knowledge base meets all your PLM needs: information unicity, version management, dematerialized data, attached files, multicriteria and full-text searches, ERP interfacing, etc.

traçabilité de l’information produit
Gestion de l’information produit
Product Life Cycle Management et information produit
collaboration et gestion du cycle de vie
La collaboration autour du produit grâce au PLM
Product LifeCycle Management et collaboration


Say goodbye to information silos! Your partners can share information and iterate with you in the same location. You can capture raw material or packaging specifications directly from your suppliers.

You can give direct access to your graphic artists. Audits of your suppliers’ sites and performance indicators are dematerialized and stored for thorough analysis and follow-up.

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