BVLGARI chooses Lascom’s PLM

How Lascom’s PLM answers a cosmetic key account’s needs

Noble heir of the italian jewelery tradition, BVLGARI became a powerful innovation influencer of the fragrance industry in the 90s. It consolidated its position on the top of the line perfumes market by the raw strength of its strategical decisions. The brand consistently pursues its development in the LVMH group since 2011. But as every international key account it must face the challenge of digital transformation. BVLGARI chose to trust Lascom as an IT partner for this project.


BVLGARI initially expressed the following needs:

  • Manage product portfolio
  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Optimize regulatory compliance of fragrance products
  • Improve internal and external collaborations

A close collaboration between our two organizations was necessary to provide a truly adapted response to Bvlgari’s needs. To discover implemented features and best practices, fill in the following form and download the study case.

“The PLM allows us to have a 360-degree view of the product by providing a clear view on the product data lifecycle and its development progress”

“We needed to manage a very large volume of product-related information and follow-up with several development processes and this is exactly what Lascom had offered through the PLM solution.”

“Having features that are specific to each business unit – such as PIF generation for the regulatory affairs department or artworks viewer for packaging department, has been life changing for the team, as we are saving time and limiting human errors and are also able to generate regulatory documents automatically.”


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