SERVAIR selects LASCOM CPG as a corporate solution to ensure coherent nutritional information

LASCOM, a global provider of PLM software and services, is pleased to announce that its food-industry focused Lascom CPG has been selected by SERVAIR as a strategic corporate solution.

Servair, the third largest caterer and airline logistics expert in the world, is universally recognized for its know-how; the company operates in 19 countries and supports 56 stopovers on four continents. Servair has 74 sites and 54 kitchens where more than 230 000 meals are delivered every day for over 100 airlines and other customer groups.


LASCOM CPG a global PLM solution

Servair chose LASCOM CPG for its capacity to manage food product regulatory and nutritional information. Servair will utilize the system to manage ingredient lists, allergens, packaging and labeling specifications within a global and coherent information repository.


LASCOM CPG is specifically tailored to manage product development information and processes for the catering industry through four main complementary modules:


LASCOM CPG also supports product information management in a multiple languages and regulatory formats.