Lascom reorganizes its management to sustain its strong international development

Two Executive Officers to lead the company’s transformation

Jean-Christophe Calmejane has been appointed as Executive Officer, in charge of commercial operations along with Charles Henriot, Executive Officer in charge of technical operations.

A Transforming Society

In 2015, thanks to the subsidiarization of its activity dedicated to the engineering sector and a 25% growth in the CPG industry, Lascom has become a PLM authority for agro-food and retail industries in France.

Now Lascom is entering a new phase in its development and facing strong international growth for which global activity accounted for 30% of its revenue.

In order to continue its growth plan, Lascom is:

  • Accelerating international development through a channel partner network; currently, more than ten partners are helping food companies throughout the world using Lascom’s solution.
  • Streamlining project methods and technologies in order to support international deployments.
Charles Henriot

Charles Henriot : Executive Officer in charge of technical operations

Jean-Christophe Calmejane

Jean-Christophe Calmejane – Executive Officer in charge of commercial operations

Two Executive Officers to rise on these opportunities

With solid experience in software edition, and a career start at Lascom followed by a a long tenure at Sopra HR as R&D Deputy Director, Charles Henriot will have the mission to streamline R&D and services activities in order to improve productivity, secure projects and expand service offers. He will manage the integration, R&D and support teams to operationally implement the company strategy defined by the president.

Jean-Christophe Calmejane, former Export Director of Lascom, will lead the commercial strategy to meet international growth targets. It will particularly consist of developing and directing multicultural teams in Europe, the United States, and in Asia as well as a partner network.

Jean-Louis Henriot will be maintaining his position as a non-executive president of Lascom and will be concentrating on the strategic orientations of the company.

2015 and 2016 are turning points for Lascom, who has profoundly reorganized its structure, its teams, and its strategy all the while meeting new important successes in France and Internationally. The company now possesses strong foundations to become one of the French IT success in the world.

“Lascom, a thought leader and a key market player for product lifecycle management in the food & beverage and cosmetic industry, has all the right ingredients to meet the increased demand for international growth.  With a team of renowned experts and a proven product suite, manufacturers, food service and retailers get products to market faster with decreased risk.”

Charles Henriot: Executive Officer in charge of technical operations