Webinar Lascom Lime Cloud – A 360° discovery tour

Lascom Lime Cloud – 360° Discovery Tour

Lascom is proud to present Lascom Lime Cloud: a packaged, scalable and quickly implemented cloud PLM solution designed for food and beverage manufacturers.

We translated into our solution more than 10 years of successful PLM projects with industry leaders and innovators. Lascom Lime Cloud provides refined, modular and comprehensive product development features able to support your ambitions, whatever they are!

In this webinar, our experts reviewed PLM basics, Lascom Lime’s most praised features and showed what tangible competitive advantages the PLM technology brings.

We’ve contributed to shape the best digital product development practices in the industry. Trust us to start your PLM journey!

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  1. Lascom presentation
  2. PLM in a nutshell
    • What is PLM?
    • PLM VS Specialized software
    • New trends of PLM adoption
  3. Lascom Lime – 360° tour
    • What does it do?
    • Teaser
    • How to get started?
  4. Q&A

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Lascom Lime Cloud 360 Discovery Tour Webinar