Lascom development

Lascom invests in its international development

Following recent capital investment in the business and positioning of strategic personnel, Lascom has prepared itself to enter new international markets.

 International activity is not only about new brochures and translation. To adapt to the market in each country, it is necessary to take into account each country’s culture.

Lascom has been established in San Diego, California for 15 years and is eager to strengthen its sales and marketing teams in order to better adapt to the US and international market with:

  • A bigger international team by:

-Strengthening the sales team

-Hiring a dedicated person to enhance web marketing for international markets

-Growing its IT development team for the food market segment

-Establishing a cross-product team to improve the foreign market understanding

  • An enhanced partnership strategy


To better adapt to foreign markets and offer any country the best PLM solution possible, Lascom is ready to refine its offering to meet the needs of specific markets. 2014 will be an exciting year for Lascom and we are raring to go.