Lascom Assists Food Service in Innovation and Compliance

Lascom Assists its Food Service Customers to Better Manage Product Lifecycle from Innovation and NPD to Compliance

Global Product Lifecycle Management Helps Food Service Companies Increase Product Quality Through Enhanced Service Delivery.

“Innovation, service and quality are hallmarks of competitive advantage required in the food service marketplace, and Lascom already enables its customers to meet the necessities of today’s increasingly complex, regulatory environment,” said Jean Christophe Calmejane, VP of Lascom.

As innovation is a key point for Food Service businesses, the formulation tool provided by Lascom CPG allows elaborating formulas, either from an already-existing product or from scratch. It provides a competitive advantage to Lascom’s customers by considerably reducing time to market.

It also provides full support for cost and nutrition facts calculation, ingredients statement generation, allergens and claims labeling, raw material origins, facilitating R&D daily tasks.

Compliance and quality purposes are also a major issue for Catering and Food Services professionals. As an example, Lascom today announced that a global catering company is now utilizing Lascom CPG solution for ongoing product lifecycle management services.

Delivering millions of meal trays per year to more than a hundred different customers, the premium catering company wished to implement best practices and better manage their products and menus. For instance, information for each tray must be tracked from production to final consumer and meet the stringent requirements set forth by national, local and industry bodies –INCO, FDA, GemrCN etc.

Lascom quality module facilitates compliance with industry, local and global regulation; documentation and certifications are automatically attached to products, enabling information search and audits by both internal teams and official bodies, whether as part of a standard operating procedure or in emergency situations including product recalls and health alerts. This module had been updated to fit multi-lingual issues.

About Lascom

Lascom’s North American office has been located in San Diego, California, for more than 10 years. Lascom works with local and global companies to help them to better manage their product specifications and project lifecycle. Lascom’s global strategy is succeeding making it a serious participant in the PLM sector.

Lascom provides PLM solutions for the food industry, retail and foodservice. Using Lascom’s PLM, customers’ productivity has increased by optimizing their product development process. PLM also reduces risks attached to new product development and products regulation. Lascom has already met the needs of over 250 customers worldwide.

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