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Why Do You Need a Food and Beverage Software?

Do the regulations regarding tracking, labelling and compliance slow down your product launch and / or your market expansion? Is it difficult to safely run through all of them?

What about the rapidly changing consumers’ tastes that pressure you to innovate at an ever increasing rate? Are you wondering how to streamline your new product development processes?

Do you find it difficult to keep up with your competitors? Do they put stress on your margins and time-to-market?

Maybe you are wondering how to optimize your internal processes? Do you have to deal with a large amount of information that-if not correctly managed- leads to errors and delays during your product development?

Are you also looking to enforce the relationship with your suppliers and easily retrieve accurate raw materials or packaging specifications?

We understand that it can be overwhelming to know where and how to facilitate your food and beverage product development process. Each year, 15,000 new food products are introduced into the marketplace; however, the failure rate is as high as 90%. Those challenges play a major role in the potential failure of your products, so it is crucial to have the appropriate solutions to ensure that you remain a part of the successful 10%.

Lascom PLM – Key Features of Our Food and Beverage Software

Lascom has developed a Product Lifecycle Management software (F&B PLM) dedicated to the food and beverage industry. This food and beverage software offers businesses a unique solution to streamline their entire product lifecycle, from the marketing brief to disposal, including formulation, packaging design and compliance review steps. All your business departments can work around a unique and secured platform helping you to develop efficiently and effectively compliant products. 

It is the cross-functional software to manage all the stages of development of your food products!

New Product Development (NPD)

New Product development mastering is essential to stay ahead of the competition, however it is difficult to find new ways to foster product innovation, reduce time to market and achieve a successful execution of the product.
Lascom food product development software helps you manage the entire new product development cycle. Our NPD features, including such as workflows, stage gate management, automated notifications, Gantt chart visualization, milestones, and reporting, enable you to easily develop new products.

Food and Beverage Formulation

During product development, the formulation step is essential and it determines a products’ success or failure. Our food product development software allows you to quickly and easily develop recipes. It offers- among other features- recipe yield and cost calculation, lists of ingredients and allergens, nutrition calculation, prototype management, and recipes/prototypes comparison.

Project and Product Portfolio Management

Without a clear overview of all your projects and products, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the information, documents and data. It then becomes difficult to properly understand and track your activities.
Lascom’s solution supports your decision-making through features, such as reporting, timeline (i.e.: planning) and dashboards, allowing you to have a complete overview of your activities.

Food and Beverage Regulatory Compliance

The food and beverage industry is heavily regulated. You not only need to follow current regulations but you also have to anticipate new ones.
Lascom supports you in overcoming any regulatory challenges related to restrictions such as food additives, pesticides or contaminants. It also offers ingredient screening simplifying the product formulation and enforcing the safety of your products. Our food and beverage software allows you to comply with country-specific regulations both on the recipe formulation and on the regulatory document management.

Food and Beverage Labels

Labels are important to attract your customers; however, it has to comply with strict regulations. Our food and beverage software offers features dedicated to a labels’ generation and management. You are able to automatically generate nutritional fact labels (FDA-USDA), INCO-compliant labels, ingredient statements and a list of allergens.  The creation of compliant labels has never been easier.

Packaging management

The packaging of your product is part of your company’s brand image. You need to ensure its aesthetic aspect but also its compliance with regulations that are in force. Our food product development software enables you to manage the entire process of packaging innovation. Lascom’s solution for packaging management helps you create and manage your packaging specifications. It allows you to work from a specific marketing brief for the artwork to ensure that all requirements have been taken into account. Additional features, such as artworks proofing and comparison, optimize your entire graphic chain process.

Supplier Relationship Management

Properly managing the communication and collaboration with your suppliers is difficult due to the large amount of information and data which is often scattered or missing.
Lascom’s solution enables you to digitalize information and documents, and automate workflows and processes; hence improving the collaboration with your suppliers. Our food and beverage software offers a secured portal providing central access and control of all relevant information, such as supplier’s data and documents, raw materials or packaging specifications, etc.

RFQ & RFP Management

Request For Quotation / Proposal is usually cumbersome and time-consuming. It requires you to request, check, and analyze a large amount of information and data to make the best decisions.

Our food and beverage software facilitates this process thanks to its secured collaborative processes, automated notifications and reminders. It also allows you to easily compare the different proposals.

Non-conformity Management

When a non-conformity arises, it is important to act fast to quickly solve it. Our food and beverage software allows you to report, qualify, manage and close any non-conformity before, during or after production. This allows you to consolidate all information necessary to analyze the causes and plan corrective actions. Therefore, you can easily track and ensure the quality of any products all along their life cycles, from suppliers to disposal.

Customer Complaint Management

Customer complaints are a second chance to improve customer loyalty by rectifying the problem. Lascom’s solution gives you the opportunity to solve the issue as soon as it arises. Our software allows you to easily report, centralize and track any customers’ complaints related to your products. You can add comments, digital photos and any documents linked to the incidents. You receive the right information at the right time thanks to its automated workflows. This ensures that a suitable solution is quickly offered to the clients, ultimately increasing their satisfaction.

Change Management and Traceability

Change is normal in the food and beverage industry; however, it is challenging to properly handle all these changes and ensure their traceability. Our software for food industry allows you to analyze the impacts a modification can have on your products, – i.e.: modifications related to formulation, regulation, packaging, costs, and so on. This feature allows you to easily take into consideration any modifications, analyze their potential impacts, while providing complete traceability.

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