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Food and Beverage industry outlook

The food manufacturing industry is the largest industry in the world. Across the EU, food and beverage expenditures average 12.9% of household consumption. And in the U.S., the industry produces one dollar in every six of the U.S. industrial output, generating more than $700 billion a year in revenue.

The Food and Beverage industry continues to face a demanding market environment that requires companies to adjust and actively manage change that may impact sales and performance. At the same time, advances in technology and analyzing data are helping companies drive growth, streamline operations and engage better with consumers.

Largest industry in the world
household expenditures in Food and Beverage of total revenue in E.U.
yearly industry revenue in the U.S.

Lascom food industry software solution

In this context, innovation is the new key word in FMCG. For many years, Food and Beverage companies increased growth and margins by improving efficiency in production processes. But now, productivity is not enough, and innovation is rising as the new way to lead the marketplace.

A single core repository makes product information management easier and specification management more efficient. Lascom repository also incorporates additional collaboration features such as creation wizard, mark-ups and reviews, alerts, electronic signatures, etc.

Thought its food industry software, Lascom provides a robust and flexible formulation tool to innovate faster. It stimulates innovation and accelerates new products development. The product formulation tool is able to create new formula from scratch or from an existing formula – very useful in case of product ranges. R&D professionals can formulate a product and calculate costs and weight. They can also manage claims, allergens and ingredients in real time.

Our food industry software includes a powerful quality module to ease quality teams with their daily tasks, to proactively manage internal and third parties audits and continuous improvement and to efficiently react to sanitary alerts. It can search on different criteria values such as ingredients, origins, risks, nutrients, thus giving users the ability to quickly perform an impact analysis and identify suspects in a sanitary alert.

Using the supplier portal module included in Lascom food and beverage software, manufacturers and their customers (retailers, whole sellers, food services, etc.) can exchange information on a dedicated platform about products. It ensures an efficient and collaborative information workflow. Any revisions to the specification can be easily viewed by comparing different versions prior to validation. Captured information, once validated, can be directly imported into the repository saving time and minimizing the risk of rekeying errors.

Lascom food industry software fuels retailers’ promotional strategies: dedicated promotion management business process is supported by the supplier portal. Sales campaign will be stage-gated on a weekly base. The tasks will be dispatched automatically to various participants providing alerts if the dates are overdue. Every assigning will have a comprehensive dynamic calendar to monitor the critical path in a launch process. Reporting and analytics are triggered to benchmark progress and evaluate the promotion for cost and timing targets.

Key functions for Food industry

  • Manage your portfolio and product
  • Manage the formulation of your recipes (modify or create new recipes, automate calculations of nutritional values, edit lists of ingredients, allergens and allegations)
  • Generate your labeling and product sheets automatically in any language
  • Be accompanied in your process of setting up the INCO and FSMA regulations
  • Optimize traceability in order to be able to react quickly in case of health alert and / or complaint

  • Collaborate effectively with suppliers and customers

Benefits for food and beverage industries

Productivity gain

Single entry of information
Internal and external exchange cycle reduced by 70%
Automatic generation of all the documentation linked to the products (data sheet, list of ingredients, allergens, nutrition declaration …)
Impacts of changes better managed

Quality gain

Impacts of evolutions better managed
Reducing errors
Traceability of all exchanges
Simplified health alert management
Regulatory Compliance Guarantee
Time spent on checks quality reduced by 30%

Strategy gain

Supervise the development process and launch product
Master the costs
Mastering compliance with schedules
Accelerated decision cycle
Prioritize projects (score-carding) and pilot the product portfolio
Time-to-market reduced by 30%

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