Lascom’s F.A.Q.

Is the solution modular and scalable? How can I be sure my product data will be secured? Will the software be able to comply with the way we work? How is it implemented? How is the project phased and managed?

Questions don’t stop coming when you decide to start your PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) journey. Fortunately for you, we answer in this F.A.Q. the most common interrogations raised by our various prospects, now customers.

If our answers are obviously based on our PLM solution Lascom Lime, the questions addressed will come handy to any organization following a PLM journey.

Lascom FAQ




Our last IT project showed major difficulties: the scope of the solution was oversized, and the provider did not understand our challenges. How is that going to be different with Lascom? 


We consider the qualification phase as critical at Lascom. It starts the first time we get in contact and lasts till the contract is signed. Every Sales representative is paired with a Pre-sales engineer & Solution expert. This ensures all your tangible requirements (budget, timeline, available internal human resources, etc.) and business challenges (specification management, product formulation, regulatory compliance approval processes, etc.) are gathered and specified. This is a warranty for you to get a perfectly-fitting solution and for us to keep the project profitable. Because a poorly prepared project always ends up dissatisfying everyone.