Food and Beverage Regulatory Compliance

Food Regulatory Compliance – The Ultimate Challenge

The food and beverage industry has to comply with an increasing number of guidelines and restrictions that vary by location. Food compliance has never been more important. The industry is challenged continuously by evolving regulatory requirements related to substances, labeling, claims, origin of ingredients and packaging. Even though it encourages a global shift to strengthen and improve product labeling to help consumers make more informed choices, food and beverage manufacturers still need to follow country-specific regulations. This can quickly become cumbersome and overwhelming.

Laws and regulations are continually evolving with significant differences from one country to another, impacting each and every department of a company. In fact, those regulations impact every step of a product development, from R&D to marketing through procurement and quality. Non-conformity can be both costly and damaging for a brand image. In addition to these challenges, product development needs to be more and more innovative as it becomes increasingly complex to put products on the market.

Therefore, it is crucial for food operators to have a complete overview and control of a product development in order to be regulatory-compliant, manage product information easily and efficiently, and considerably improve collaboration with suppliers and service providers.

Overcome Any Food Regulatory Challenges With Lascom software

Food compliance includes various aspects from labeling, through list of ingredients to completeness of regulatory dossiers. Businesses face numerous regulations throughout a product life cycle. To ensure compliance, they need accurate management of a large number of data and documents. Lascom offers a Product Lifecycle Management solution, supporting food companies in overcoming these regulatory challenges. Lascom solution includes IT tools to facilitate product and label compliance. The solution facilitates country monitoring and helps users in case of impacting new rules, considerably increasing efficiency and reactivity.

Our food compliance management solution provides regulatory frameworks and tools to ensure food compliance. Businesses are able to easily structure information, ensure data continuity from suppliers to consumers and improve collaboration. Those frameworks will not only facilitate compliance, but also support the entire product life cycle, from marketing brief to end of life. Lascom solution includes workflow features which automate processes, enhancing collaboration and speeding up product development.

Authorized users have access, via the solution, to a single source of structured information, which significantly reduces time and effort spent on non-value-added tasks, such as information search.

Since information is dematerialized in one place, it is simple to create templates and automatically fill in those templates with the required information. Therefore, generating accurate regulatory documents has never been easier.

Thanks to its powerful supplier platform, it is possible to track any information and data (e.g.: certifications, country of origin of raw materials, etc.). This also enables companies to automatically establish a link between the various product’s elements, from raw materials to finished product.

Additionally, Lascom creates a regulatory ecosystem, which promotes collective intelligence, with the sharing and use of experts’ knowledge and skills.

 It is therefore a complete software package to ensure regulatory compliance of products in the food and beverage industry!

Key Features to Ensure Food Regulatory Compliance

  • Structured single source of information
  • Information search tool
  • Automated workflows and processes
  • Creation of regulatory templates
  • Access to regulatory experts
  • Supplier portal enforcing information accuracy

 Food safety & compliance management software : Benefits

Enforce information
and data continuity

Comply with any
country-specific regulations

Centralize and share
key information

Ensure product compliance
throughout its entire life cycle

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