Project Task Management Software

Challenges in task management

Task management is the process of managing a task through its lifecycle. Effective task management requires managing all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time, notifications and so on. The difficulty in an emergency is that tasks are assigned to multiple individuals or teams and there are a number of stages to monitor from who has been assigned the task to whether it has been completed or not.

In new project development, formal processes have advantages. Implementation and monitoring of critical procedures is easier while teams are involved in projects through task automation, especially to effectively manage better communication between participants. Companies need to analyze their project processes to formalize and automate them and therefore to make them more effective and to share best practices.

Tasks management advantages

Task management is helpful to optimize the exchange of information within your organization and with external clients or suppliers:

  • Promotes collaboration
  • Traceability of all decisions
  • Customized interface for each user regarding business roles
  • Validating data entry
  • Web based form for external access
  • Impact analysis

Task management software and task automation

The Lascom PLM business processes help define adaptive rules and simplify access to data in the repository. Lascom PLM is a technology that guides critical and complex information through simple processes, with full traceability and an effective reporting system. Any complex process in an organization becomes simpler when organized using a single repository.

Until now, procedure modifications were only realized within workflow and were not accessible to key users (project manager, product manager etc…).

Lascom task management software not only allows all users defining series of tasks and processing their linking, thanks to a minimal vocational training, but also defining and sequencing a set of tasks and warnings related to projects, products, documents (contracts, reports, etc.). This considerably eases advancements follow-up. From models, or singly creating each new action, key users define and manage the tasks sequence schedule without any administrator intervention. From simple “to-do-list” to complete procedure implementations, Lascom task manager software generalizes process realization.

Task management : Projects and the needs for changes / updates

Despite the benefits of the formal process, key users sometimes need to modify procedures, update processes, and manually manage tasks or data elements. The modifications need to be easy and intuitive to save time, energy and money. Key users must be able to benefit from effective task management through a flexible and customizable tool.

task management software

Lascom task management software benefits