PLM – Product Lifecycle Management Software

Product Lifecycle Management: challenges and benefits

A Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an approach, a process, allowing businesses to manage information throughout the entire product lifecycle, from idea generation, through design and manufacture to disposal.

Nowadays, companies have to manage an ever-increasing volume of information in less time and with fewer resources. This challenge is accentuated by the use of different tools from one department to another. In addition, each business unit creates their own files – for instance, multiple Excel files –; therefore, it can become difficult to track the different versions. Collaboration and communication are not always optimal.

PLM software is a key solution for your product development. It allows businesses to manage their product development in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Product lifecycle management integrates people, documents, data, and processes. This solution is the backbone which:

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  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Ease New Product Development Process
  • Connect each business units
  • Reduce costs and time
  • Enforce collaboration
  • Improve communication

Lascom PLM Software

Lascom focuses on four main industries – Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Retail, and Discrete Manufacturing & Systems.

Our company offers a complete and innovative Product Lifecycle Management software. Lascom PLM allows your company to easily solve complex challenges. It supports every step of a product development, offering features encompassing each business process, built-in support for product innovation and a solution based on the industry’s best practices. The solution allows businesses to manage the lifecycle of, not only their products, but also their projects and programs. Lascom helps its clients to accelerate the creation of projects, speed up time-to-market, while managing risks.

Our user-friendly solution supports all departments of a company, from Marketing, R&D, Procurement, Quality to Compliance. Lascom PLM software allows consolidation of knowledge and data from every department. Integrated reporting tools enable companies to leverage feedbacks and results from past projects.

In addition to the operational and tactical benefits, our solution helps you establish and manage the strategic plan of your company.

Some Benefits of a PLM software

Time savings in searching, sharing and accessing information
Time savings in tracking and managing each client’s requirements
Time saved on processes of modification

Product Lifecycle Management: from tactical to strategic

PLM software : Consolidate and Manage All Projects’ Information

PLM software : product lifecycle management

PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) comes out of the company’s walls

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software have now become reference solutions for structuring product and project lifecycle management.

PLM thus goes beyond the company’s walls to open up to partners, suppliers, customers and mobility issues:

  • More and more users of tablets and smartphones are accustomed to having user-friendly access to data anywhere and anytime, including in the professional world.
  • The need to exchange data rather than simply documents with partners is growing in response to the internationalization of partnerships, shorter decision-making cycles and the need to consolidate data