White Paper – PIM / PLM, 2 complementary approaches for 1 common goal: the product information

The highly competitive market in which packaged goods actors operate pushes them to innovate and launch new products as quickly and reliably as possible.

Industrials and retailers must consolidate all the product information to strengthen their innovation strategy. Thus, more and more companies rely on software solutions such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) or PIM (Product Information Management). Yet the often similar descriptions of PLM and PIM, both of which refer to product repositories, keep on confusing CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) professionals.

PIM and PLM solutions actually make an efficient combination in creating a trully continuous information flow throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Download this e-book to discover the roles, functionalities and complementarities of PIM and PLM solutions, essential to match the new challenges of the CPG sector.



  • Introduction
  • Product Lifecycle Management – PLM
  • Product Information Management – PIM
  • PLM: for which purpose?
  • PIM: for which purpose?
  • PLM is the main data source for the PIM
  • How do PLM and PIM softwares interact?
  • Architecture for industrials
  • Architecture for retailers
  • Conclusion
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