Infographics : How to reduce time to market ?

In food companies, products change quickly, as well as the number of competitors in the market. Innovation is important to develop and manage a coherent product portfolio that meets the ever changing consumers’ trends. This enables food and beverage industries and retailers to achieve comfortable margins and benefit from a healthy growth. As time to market and finding ways of optimizing it are critical components that directly affect revenue, the ability to rapidly launch new products is a competitive advantage.

Lascom CPG provides a dedicated solution to assist food and beverage companies in reducing their time to market. By optimizing the process from the marketing brief to new product launch, Lascom offers an efficient solution with the following features:

  • A single repository to benefit from a single version of the truth and efficiently communicate between all departments in the NPD process. Finished products, semi-finished products and raw material are stored on a single platform, easily accessible with customizable access rights.
  • A formulation tool for R&D teams. Lascom provides a user-friendly formulation tool to assist R&D professionals in NPD. The impacts of adding removing or deleting ingredients are immediately observable in term of weight, cost and nutrition facts as well as specifications attached (allergens, certification etc.).
  • A quality tool. Certification and quality documentation are directly attached to a product. Suppliers and customers have access right to provide or check documents for compliance with regulations.
  • A labeling tool. Labeling is automatically created. Once R&D and quality departments input data, marketing teams are able to produce reliable labels including ingredients list, nutritional fact panel, claims on a defined template.
Reduce time to market

Success Stories

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