Regulatory Compliance Management

Be Compliant With Regulations

Whether it is for the food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, food service or retail industries, regulations are one of the biggest concerns for businesses.

Consumers are paying more and more attention to products composition and how it will effects their health.

Product label is the only way they can get information about composition, function and brand. They will try to identify marketing speech from concrete proofs; they want more transparency and traceability before buying a new product or brand.

Furthermore, since few years, regulations and standards are getting more and more strengthened. It is now mandatory for businesses to manage and track efficiently all product data during its life cycle – from marketing brief to product launch.

How can the regulatory compliance module help you?

To comply with regulations businesses need to manage a large volume of data and documents. That is why Lascom’s solution (PLM software that integrates a regulatory compliance management system) offers features dedicated to regulations management (cosmetic & food compliance):

Labeling Tool

Labeling Tool

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