Cosmetic Formulation (quali/quanti)

Challenges in Cosmetics Product Formulation

In personal care business, product innovation is crucial. Sales are becoming more sensitive to seasonal events and requires continuous product updates. As trends and consumers’ need change frequently, cosmetics manufacturers and brands have to follow up and create adapted products. Teams must innovate using new technologies to create cosmetics formulas and find the most efficient and high quality raw materials.

Each product innovation is composed of scores of ingredients, implying a precise management of raw materials. Product characteristics such as allergens and claims must be kept up to date and easily accessible in case of audit.

To gain competitive advantage, Cosmetics companies need to be able to quickly respond to evolving customer needs and adapt to changing standards and regulations. Aggressive Cosmetics product innovation is the key to increased market share and consumer recognition.

In attempt to achieve their business objectives, companies typically execute an innovation process that involves getting trends information, brainstorming ideas, formulating new cosmetics product concepts, creating prototypes, testing them in the market and refining concepts with customer feedback, cost and margin analyzes or range optimization.


How to optimize formulation management

A Software to Optimize Cosmetics Product Formulation

Lascom cosmetic formulation software facilitates R&D professionals’ daily tasks providing tools to formulate new products from scratch or from an existing formula. With its web-based formulation tool, Lascom PLM, allows to create new formulas based on marketing requirements and regulations enforced. It automatically calculates costs and risks, generates drugs facts, warnings, claims, etc. and manages impacts in case of a change.

Lascom cosmetic formulation software ensures everyone involved in the product development process access to updated and accurate data and documentation through a customized user profile. Lascom’s PLM provides a “single version of the truth” for all raw material, ingredients and product specifications across all divisions, locations, business processes and countries.

This is your cosmetic tool to manage formulation from raw material sourcing to prototypes. Manage raw materials’ documents and data in addition to creating a conform with requirements and regulations!

Cosmetic formulation software : Included Features

  • Better personal care formulation management and labeling
  • Simulation of product feasibility (costs, risks, etc.)
  • Assistance with PIF and MSDS in many languages
  • Risks analysis (allergens)
  • Proportions optimization in personal care formulation
  • Automated ingredients list generation, facilitating extensive R&D management
  • Centralized data and documents – including cosmetics products formulation

 Cosmetic formulation software : Benefits

Quickly formulate

your cosmetic product

Simulate cosmetic product


Automatically calculate


Generate quali/quanti

cosmetic formula

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