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Mastering your packaging process is key

Packaging has become, throughout the years, a significant component for manufacturers when it comes to new product development or renewal. It is an essential sales tool; manufacturers use it as a way to create consumers’ demand and make a product more appealing. For customers, the packaging is important, as it gives them more information about the product. They also often judge a product’s quality solely based on its packaging. It is clear that the interest for creating appealing packaging has increased over the years; however, with the fast-evolving technologies, such as smart, active or flexible packaging, it will become even more central.

In addition to the look and feel of the packaging, manufacturers have to comply with strict regulations. The packaging not only needs to be attractive but also mention all the requested elements such as the expiration date, weight, and ingredients/raw materials list.

From design to print, the development of a product packaging involves several internal and external stakeholders. Marketing, R&D and quality teams to suppliers and creative agencies need to work in close collaboration, share information and provide inputs to create the required packaging.

Key Features of the Packaging Management Tool

  • Manage the graphic chain
  • Visual comparison 
  • Comments and annotations
  • Send notifications to other users
  • Real-time tracking

Secure and synchronize packaging development

Lascom PLM – The Solution for Packaging Management

Lascom packaging management tool has been designed to manage the entire process of packaging innovation. This artwork management software will help you create the artwork you want, in terms of dimensions, materials, colors, etc., and manage all the associated documents. In addition, this platform supports the optimization of the graphic chain process by efficiently managing the flows of information and artwork-related data (e.g.: shooting pictures, visuals, printing layers, color choices, etc.). This graphic chain tool facilitates review and validation of graphic files.

Lascom’s packaging feature includes Dalim’s “Dialogue Engine” viewer, allowing you to view, compare and easily annotate your artwork. Together with Lascom’s PLM document management, you will be able to manage all the packaging documents. Document version control has never been easier.

Lascom packaging management software also includes several features which ease the packaging development and reinforce collaboration:

  • Repository or knowledge base: Gather all packaging documents in the same place. This repository allows version control, status management and documents’ traceability.
  • Visual comparison: Track any changes between different versions of the same packaging. This tool allows comparison of two, side-by-side or superimposed, files and highlights any differences (colors, text, font sizes, etc.).
  • Digital markup & review: Access and validate documents directly on the platform. Easily annotate files to facilitate collaboration.
  • Graphic chain process: The workflow tool simplifies the graphic chain process. It is easy to create and manage the different steps of your processes. It is also possible to define the tasks to be accomplished, the people assigned to each task, the deadlines to be respected, and the terms and condition of validation.
  • Delegations and notifications: If needed, delegate to other users certain actions and tasks. Users can access, at any time, their inboxes to check their assigned list of actions.
  • Track progress in real time: Every information about a project (progress status, comments, deliveries, etc.) is accessible in real time. It is also easy to track the tasks to accomplish thanks to a Gantt chart. This chart is automatically generated following the defined tasks and deadlines.

 Packaging management software : Benefits

Centralize your documents
and manage changes

Master the graphic
and printing process

Gain in reactivity and
reduce approval cycles

Master project management
with tracking tools

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