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Fact checking: brand strategy is inseparable from product information

Various food scandals have tarnished the credibility of the food industry as a whole. A fundamental transformation is occurring, but... Read more »

How to Ensure Cosmetic Product Compliance in a Global Environment

Regulatory compliance can be very complex when it comes to personal care and cosmetic products. Regulations are different from a... Read more »

How to Facilitate Food and Beverage Product Development in a Global Regulatory Environment

The food and beverage industry must comply with an increasingly number of country-specific guidelines and restrictions. From regulated substances to... Read more »

PIM & PLM Serve One Common Goal: The Product Information

Industrials and retailers must consolidate all the product information to strengthen their innovation strategy. Thus, more and more companies rely... Read more »

How to Accelerate Cosmetic Product Innovation ?

In order to remain competitive, cosmetic businesses have to, more than ever, be attentive to market trends and consumer’s needs.... Read more »

Agri-food compliance: a global phenomenon. How can we adapt to it ? – White Paper

Whether it be in Europe with INCO regulations 1169/2011 or in the United States with the Food Safety Modernization Act... Read more »

Grands comptes du luxe, adoptez une vision 360° de votre cycle d’innovation produit grâce au PLM

De LVMH à Kering en passant par Hermès, les maisons françaises du luxe sont les étendards de l'industrie du pays... Read more »

Collaboration as a Key to Success in Retail – White Paper

As consumers grow more demanding, retailers need to ensure products are available at the right time, through the right channel... Read more »

Retail: Challenges and Performances – Infographics

Due to an intense cost pressure and an accelerating innovation race, retailers are involved in a global and harsher competition. New regulatory... Read more »

What has changed due to INCO? – Infographics

Compliance with regulations is not only compulsory by law. Consumers are more and more aware of quality and standards. They... Read more »

Be in compliance with the new E.U. regulation n°1169/2011 (INCO) – White paper

Last December, the new E.U. regulation n°1169/2011, commonly referred to as INCO (Information to Consumers), was put in place. The... Read more »

Reduce Food Fraud with PLM – Expert opinion

Definition NSF International defines food fraud as: “the deliberate substitution, addition, tampering or misrepresentation of food, ingredients or packaging”. The... Read more »

Improve growth and margins with PLM – Infographic

PLM (product lifecycle management) is a key element in business success. A study has shown that an effective management tool... Read more »

Cosmetics and personal care: how PLM solution assists companies with daily challenges? – Infographics

To remain competitive, personal care and cosmetics professionals have to be extremely aware of new trends and boost their innovation... Read more »

Infographics : How to reduce time to market ?

In food companies, products change quickly, as well as the number of competitors in the market. Innovation is important to... Read more »

Project Management : the grape analogy – Video

While considering projects, companies must focus on 3 points of view; each project one by one, projects portfolio and overall... Read more »

Strategies to optimize the food design chain – Expert opinion

Food manufacturers have a clear mandate to improve product revenue—fully 82 percent surveyed placed “a lot of emphasis” on this... Read more »