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How to Ensure Product Compliance in a Global Environment?

Regulatory compliance can be very complex when it comes to personal care and cosmetic products. Regulations are different from a country to another and even from a state to another – in the United States. Consumers request more transparency and governments are strengthening their regulations. It is becoming harder to follow regulations’ update while maintaining the right collection turnover.

Manufacturers need to set up new processes to maintain their growth and ensure product compliance. External support and expertise will be, often, their best partner. But, nothing can replace a streamlined workflow of information and data added to an optimized collaboration.

Learn more about current regulations in North America and the European Union. From substances to product labeling, make sure to commercialize compliant products thanks to 6 experts’ best practices.

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Why being compliant is such a nightmare today?

  • Globalization and international compliance
  • Consumer demand in a fast-evolving market

All you need to know about current regulations

  • U.S.A Regulations
  • The specific case of California
  • Canada regulations
  • European Union regulations
  • Global regulations

Best practices to optimize products compliance

  • Adapt processes to your businesses
  • Control product information
  • Optimize product and raw material sourcing
  • Be compliant from product design
  • Ensure information continuity
  • Use experts knowledge for product launch



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Our modular solution supports leading companies with tools designed to meet the operational needs of company departments, from marketing to quality including R&D and regulatory affairs.

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