Lascom Services

Business Consulting

A significant part of our experts from Research and Development to Project Management or Marketing have an IT or agri-business educational background. We are staffed to understand your concerns, needs and vernacular, solve your problems the most accurately possible and provide you with enlightened advice on configuration decisions.

*Can be done on site

Implementation & Project management

We manage the solution configuration project using a hybrid “Waterfall + Agile” method allowing a full implementation in a competitive delay. Note that a Project Manager and a Project Sponsor are still needed on the customer’s side.


Our Backoffice team takes charge of configurating your solution, creating your templates, user profiles, user rights, workflows and so on.

Customer Training Documentation

We create customized documents based on your requirements such as user documents or training documents.

Support & Maintenance

Every project is led by a dedicated Project manager who is your main solution-solver contact from the project specification to the effective launch in production. She or he will make sure you enjoy the best experience possible and respect your planning and budget considerations. You continue to enjoy a 3-month support after the solution delivery to solve potential issues.

User & Administrator Training

We train administrators and end-users how to use the solution, but also members of your teams to become trainers on their own. This way, your end-users can keep on adopting the solution autonomously and at the appropriate pace.

The duration of the training highly depend on the broadness of the solution scope and the extent of its deployment.

*Can be done on site


Lascom has been a long-time partner of Microsoft and we securely host all of our clients’ databases on Microsoft Azure, one of the most widely used and trusted environments. Our cloud-based solution is compliant with the HTTPS standard, SQL servers, IIS servers and COM components security settings.

We built a multi-level security infrastructure to properly allow and forbid access to data and functionalities. This is strengthened by our internal user management rules, the use of password-protected access and the connection through an internal active directory.

At last and while this may sound trivial, our solution runs on the latest version of internet browers, guaranteeing a tighter security with every new version.


We have been publishing and implementation Product Lifecycle Management software solutions for the food and beverage industry for more than 10 years now. Over the course of these numerous projects, we have weaved a dense web of senior consultants ready to hop on any project when needed.

Because business and collaboration are global, we have partnered with strategic PLM-specialized integrators and resellers in order to make our solution available wherever you are in the world. Most of them also take on ERP projects as the concurrent use of both these solutions is becoming the standard. Reach out to us to have more details about our different partners and partnership programs.