Workflow and Program Lifecycle Management

Asset information management

In actual practice, though, asset management has been more about keeping track of data about assets from a transactional perspective. Asset management’s traditional focus has been about gathering asset information, such as asset location, asset configuration, maintenance activities, production throughput, and so on. In other words, asset management practices have typically provided a great deal of information about assets and asset performance. But this information by itself does little, if anything, to actually improve an asset’s effectiveness and performance. The information is, in fact, irrelevant unless and until someone acts upon it.

People still need to analyze and use this information intelligently to make informed decisions that positively impact overall asset performance.

The last two years have seen an extraordinary amount of change in the asset management industry. The industry’s ability to renew itself has never been more important. There is a growing recognition that this time around, the recovery will demand more change by market participants.

Program lifecycle management

Weapons programs, satellites, transportation systems and programs are becoming a complex command chain made of hardware, software and electronic components. These components have their own individual life but still need to share information in order to build a coherent and efficient system.

This is extremely challenging for these industries which are characterized by highly complex products with long lifecycles (over 40 years), distributed supply chain, extended customer relationships.

Program lifecycle management has grown so complex that the implementation of management tools that track and support the program lifecycle (from design to roll out and maintenance phases) is becoming a necessity.

Program and technical managers with responsibility for the program lifecycle management of large equipment and weapons systems, including aircraft, ships, and land-based vehicles, are continually looking for ways to improve readiness. Success in this endeavor requires broad insight across the portfolio of programs as well as a clear view into the details of any particular piece of equipment at any given time. Such a richly detailed picture across the entire inventory will help managers make better and informed decisions toward improving force readiness, expand precious resources, plan activities for the program, and help extend the service life of a program.

Lascom program lifecycle management

Lascom program lifecycle management performs as an asset management software

Lascom asset management software is a technology to address the difficulty of proper business process management:

  • Have a consolidated view of assets and their associated projects
  • Audit assets and keep associated renewal or building projects on track
  • Improve collaborative business processes management related to defining, bidding projects, soliciting bids, designing systems, and building plants.
  • Bring team effect to a geographically dispersed team

Users are able to better cope with asset management and get shorter development cycles, smoother planning, and more productivity.

Lascom asset management software gathers all the technical data, parameters, certifications, specifications, documents, and other information associated with plant management or development, change control, quality management, and regulatory compliance.

Actors better reuse former project knowledge, existing designs and components through business process management. They improve asset corporate knowledge and increase the life of existing assets.

Asset information management is difficult to handle. Collaboration and time to market can be improved by using dedicated asset management software such as Lascom to improve business processes. Indeed, communication between and into internal and external operators is crucial along this type of complex projects.

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