Design and System Management

A robust system management is key

Program lifecycle management has grown so complex that the implementation of management tools that track and support the program lifecycle (from design management to roll out and maintenance phases) is becoming a necessity.

Design management from conception to optimization

The need for design management is most pronounced at the initial concept and product definition phase: numerous iterations occur before design is actually stabilized; large volumes of information have to be shared in the form of specifications, documents, configurations.

“As designed / As built” configurations in design Management

Knowing at all times the accurate composition of products, set baselines, and generate or track serialized items is essential in design management.

Lascom System Management

Lascom system management helps these industries to be the backbone tool that:

  • Is a centralized “design, build and maintain” knowledge repository
  • Tracks technical changes, such as requirements, software, hardware, specifications, applicable documents or configurations
  • Provides dashboard and metrics on the entire program life cycle to efficiently manage it.

Among various functions, Lascom system management:

Lascom system management maximizes the efficiency of highly skilled staff members to reduce the cost and burden of project analysis, support and management. Lascom also assists businesses in being compliant with ISO 10 007 and other regulatory standards such as RG Aero 0040, ECSS, PLCS, etc.

System management throughout a single repository

The system management helps teams to manage technical data especially regarding program lifecycle including its versions, by centralizing everything in a single repository.

Users have immediate and exhaustive view of their systems documentation and data. All document applicabilities are accessible directly from the data sheet, in just a few clicks. Then the repository considerably eases complex system management as well as design management

Easy system management through collaboration

The application lists and manages all relevant data in order to identify programs or systems. Users can then have a look on the global and detailed configuration of each element and their versions.

To facilitate collaboration within the company, but also within the contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or partners, Lascom system management has a powerful workflow system. Actors collaborate through standard processes and procedures. Simplifying collaboration tool is an important point in system management. Regulatory requirements are easily tracked resulting in improved productivity.

Reporting tool to prioritize and optimize projects

System management is also enhanced thanks to Lascom reporting tools. Customizable dashboards provide for a clear and accurate view of data, documents, system and program advancements using information gathered into the repository.

During design engineering phase Lascom design management enables companies to improve competitiveness by reducing direct costs and rationalizing conception, industrialization and evolution cycles of the products.

CAD Software integration through CAD connectors

CAD connectors allow CAD integration in Lascom system management. Businesses can incorporate data and workflows from different CAD solutions (mechanical, electronic, etc.).

Integration with Autodesk’s AutoCAD® and Bentley’s MicroStation® enable users to work within their familiar CAD software interfaces while their drawings, Xrefs, and data are being centrally and securely managed by the system’s central repository. Features of these integrations include accessing the repository’s document search and retrieve functions directly through the CAD interface using CAD connectors and synchronization of repository data with the CAD drawing’s title block. Application independent viewing allows non-CAD software users to directly access and view CAD drawings, resulting in greater productivity and collaboration.

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