Customer Complaint Management

Customer complaint management : Putting customers at the Heart of Your Concerns

Nearly 90% of unsatisfied customers do not express their dissatisfaction and 75% of them are likely to leave for a competitor. For the customers who actually report an issue, it gives companies a second chance to rectify the problem and improve customer satisfaction. It also provides valuable information and knowledge about what could be causing other customers’ dissatisfaction.

Different reasons can lead to a complaint, such as a defective product and sanitary alert. However, no matter the cause, businesses need to provide quick support and have efficient processes in place. Additionally, major events, such as a food scandal and a reported allergy following the use of a product, can rapidly affect a product and company image to the public. In this context, effectively identifying, replying and tracking customers’ complaints are crucial to protect the company’s brand image.

Listening to customers and quickly responding to complaints are the first steps in developing an effective complaint management process. It is necessary to formally identify the additional main steps and to define the implementation modalities and the associated responsibilities. Like the non-conformity management, it is essential to methodically outline and deploy a Customer Complaint Management process.

Having an effective complaint management process in place will restore customer trust and confidence, and safeguard good relationships. It also provides companies the opportunity to understand the causes of dissatisfaction, learn from them, improve, and ultimately, retain customers.

Lascom – Your Customer Complaint Management Software

The complaints management module enables businesses to automate their internal process and the processing of customers’ complaints. When a client files a claim, the company’s goal is to speed up the processing of this claim and solve it as quickly as possible.

It is important for businesses to be able to anticipate and reduce the number of complaints. In general, complaints’ reports are compiled within a file and rarely dematerialized, hence, preventing the consolidation of customers’ complaints and implementation of preventive and corrective actions plans. However, with Lascom software, complaints are directly input on the platform following a template with required fields. Companies are now able to handle complaints through a process that is transparent and completely documented for both sides, companies and customers. Lascom PLM is the ideal solution to implement efficient processes for customer complaint management:

Processing of customers’ complaints and monitoring of actions: All those responsible for complaints management are continuously informed of the current processing status until the problem has been solved and preventive actions have been implemented. Monitor the progress and send messages whenever a deadline is not respected to ensure reliability and consistency of the process.

Traceability of all customer complaints: Each reported complaint is accessible from the repository or knowledge base, allowing quick searches, such as searches by client, supplier, product, type of anomaly, etc.

Automation of processes: Automating the processing of complaints ensures an effective follow-up of customers’ claims. All processed complaints are tracked. It also avoids the loss of any information related to those complaints.

Analysis of customer complaints: Lascom CPG includes reporting tools, allowing users to monitor the progress of the processing of customers complaints (i.e.: status and progress, ranking of complaints, all problems that occurred during a defined period, number of customers’ complaints per product, client, etc.)

Lascom Complaints Management Features

  • Report and process customer complaints
  • Dematerializing information
  • Monitor and analyze complaints by type, by product, by customer, etc.
  • Manage non-conformities
  • Implement indicators and dashboards

Customer complaint management software – Benefits

Quickly process
customers’ complaints

Quickly react
to safety alerts

Maintain high level
of quality and safety

Better traceability of
customers’ complaints

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