Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance

Cosmetic regulations in a complex environment

Being compliant with the regulations in force in the country of commercialization can be very complex and time consuming for manufacturers. Each region, country and even state – in the US, have their own rules regarding cosmetic products.

Regulations are evolving quickly – to answer consumer demand of traceability and safety, making it even more difficult to follow up for businesses. Selling cosmetic has never been tougher. With globalization, manufacturers commercialize their products in different countries, which means different regulations to follow. Product formulation, packaging, labeling and advertising are supervised by many rules. In European Union, you must follow the Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, in the US, it is the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act but each state can have its own restrictions (e.g. California with the Proposition 65, etc.) and in Canada, rules are defined by the Cosmetic Regulations.

In addition to country-specific rules, governments can be part to international agreements such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

Facilitate Cosmetic Regulatory Processes with a PLM Software

With the Regulatory Module, Lascom PLM offers a wide variety of functionalities to ensure cosmetic product compliance around the world. From formulation to finished products, the PLM will help you to optimize your regulatory compliance processes.

Formulation validation and labeling

Thanks to an automated formulation tool, you will be able to quickly check conformity of the quali/quanti formulas: allergens, traces and impurities concentration and if it needs to be reported or not. Product labeling compliance is made easy with an automated generation of ingredients based on the INCI list and requirements. Lascom PLM will make you save considerable amount of time as each finished product formula is checked to evaluate compliance with country of commercialization.

Data and document management

All the data, documents and product information – including information on raw materials and Safety Data Sheets, are centralized in a unique system, enabling time saving, accuracy and safety. Collect, analyse and store data has never been simpler as the PLM is used by all the company’s departments and suppliers – thanks to a supplier portal. Collaboration between teams and with suppliers is simplified directly through the platform.

Generate required files

Review and generate all the required documents (Product Information File, CNF, etc.) in one-click. Templates and requested documents and information are pre-defined allowing you to easily check, approve and create any dossiers required for product compliance. Suppliers can directly enter required data about product specification – raw materials, allergens, ingredients, etc.

Key Features to Ensure Cosmetic Compliance

  • Product information centralized in a unique system
  •  Check formulation conformity in one-click
  • Automatically generate INCI ingredient list for product labeling
  • Automated workflows and processes
  • Creation of regulatory templates
  • Access to regulatory experts
  • Generate and review required dossiers (PIF, CNF, etc.)
  • Supplier portal enforcing information accuracy

 Cosmetic compliance software : Benefits

Enforce information
and data continuity

Comply with any
country-specific regulations

Centralize and share
key information

Ensure product compliance
throughout its entire life cycle

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