Cosmetic Quality Testing Management

Quality testing’s complex processes

Quality testing is necessary when developing any cosmetic product. Its ensure product safety but also proof any function claims. Most of the tests are mandatory and could change depending on the country or region of commercialization. As examples, the microbiological, stability or the challenge test are compulsory in European Union and must be included in the Product Information File (PIF), but these are also basic tests to ensure product safety. In addition to safety tests, manufacturers should proof product claims and perform a performance test. For each claim – “anti-ageing”, “dermatologist-tested”, etc. – one or several tests must be performed and available as a proof. Both the finished product and raw materials must be tested separately.

Tests can be managed internally or with external labs, but all the results must be kept by the manufacturer and available if requested. Usually hundreds or even thousands of different tests are performed on one product. They have to be planned, assigned, be analyzed, and the decision can be made.

Manage Cosmetic Product Testing with Lascom PLM

Lascom PLM includes specific features to optimize your cosmetic product testing processes. Within a unique platform, product tests can be planned, assigned, analyzed and all documents or data are centralized. Easily accessible and shareable with whom it concerns, both for external or internal use. Managing tests schedule and results has never been that simple thanks to tasks and calculation automation. Thousand lines of excel sheets are over, everything is managed and accessible through the Product Lifecycle Management software.

Schedule every single tests

When developing a new product a variety of tests must be performed to ensure its safety and make sure it matches the claims. Hundreds of tests must be scheduled and respect a certain series. Some tests can be performed simultaneously but others must be completed one after the other. Tests can last several months before showing any results. Scheduling is key for an optimized process and time saving. With Lascom PLM, all the tests can be listed and schedule depending on their priority, duration, order and they all related to one specific product. The list can be updated anytime and is accessible by authorized users.

Assign the tests

As soon as tests are scheduled, it is time to assign them to the right person – internal users or subcontracted to laboratories. Assignment process is done directly through the PLM for internal users but also for laboratories, thanks to a dedicated supplier portal. Both internal and external users receive an automated notification when it is time to start the test. The notification is sent in accordance with what has been pre-defined on the schedule.

Analyze tests results

After the tests have been performed, they have to be analyze in order to either continue product development or make any changes if needed. All the tests results are directly entered on the PLM from both internal and external users. Analysis is then made easy as all documents and data are centralized and stored in a unique platform. Results are automatically compared with pre-defined threshold determine conformity or not of the product. If the product is not conform, Lascom PLM, can help you manage the non-conformity and define a strategy to make it conform. Results are accessible through the PLM but reports can easily be exported using customizable templates.

Key Features of the Quality Testing Tool:

  • List and schedule all the needed tests
  • Easily assign test to the right person
  • Automated notifications to start a test
  • Platform accessible by internal and external users
  • Reports and data centralized in a unique platform
  • Analyze results and support decisions with dashboards
  • Product conformity automatically calculated

 Cosmetic Quality Testing Management  : Benefits

Easily schedule and
assign all the tests

Automated conformity

Traceable results
and reports

Support decisions through
non-conformity analysis

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