BOM control and configuration item

BOM definition

BOM system is essential to identify and organize the components needed in production of a particular project at any particular revision level. For instance, in the development of a product, BOM is a method used in the designed, engineered, manufactured, supported and retired phases.

BOM control to avoid BOM spreadsheets mess

BOM control systems that rely on using spreadsheets are tricky. Users – such as R&D, contract manufacturers, suppliers- are diversified, scattered and subject to errors. Using BOM control software eases companies’ processes to efficiently handle BOM and specifically to standardize BOM control across departments to guarantee dynamic and profitable manufacturing.

In fact, BOM control begins with proper documentation management. Then it is essential to ensure configuration items identification, equipment, products, projects or systems and their compositions to accurately monitor each configuration element, according to their life cycle.

Linking data to enhance BOM control

Through links between configuration elements, implemented or serialized (parts, documents, equipment, versions, etc.), BOM control facilitates:

  • Comparison between two products (versions provided / implemented)
  • History tracking and reasons for changes
  • Documentation version knowledge

Effectively manage variants for accurate BOM control

Variants management is a key component of configuration item. Configuration element variants generally correspond to different technical solutions allowed for the same equipment. In the development of embedded applications, configuration element variants quickly become necessary and require appropriate BOM control and procedures to avoid reducing operational teams’ reactivity.

Two paths are generally considered in BOM control:

  • Incorporating variations in the configuration item definition of “global” product
  • Creating a tree variant, by making a section for each configuration element variant

Lascom BOM control management

Lascom’s solutions have been positioned as a PLM solution addressing complex products and system design. This has been made possible thanks to its robust configuration management capabilities enabling the description of data structures that represent a project or a product, including assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts, documents, requirements, specifications etc.

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