Lascom Solutions Helps U.S. Food Industry Exporters Comply With New EU Regulations

Lascom Solutions today announced the general availability of its CPG solution update, designed to help U.S. food processors comply with the new INCO (Information to Consumers) labeling regulations mandated by the EU in directive 1169/2011.

“With US exports of prepared foods and wine and beer to the EU totaling more than billion*, it’s critical for the industry to manage this new regulation as smoothly and seamlessly as possible,” said Jean-Christophe Calmejane, vice president of Lascom Solutions. “We’re dedicated to helping our customers meet the challenge of this new regulation with state-of-the-art features that help minimize any disruption to their business.”

INCO requires all food labels to include 12 mandatory information statements and specific formatting. These include name, ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens, country of origin, and additional information such as “packaged in a protective atmosphere,” “with sweeteners,” “contains genetically modified organisms”. The regulation also mandates display characteristics such as minimum font sizes and the use of bold text.

“Lascom CPG is the right solution for us to track the development process and to benefit from a single repository. This repository is an ideal tool to exchange information with our clients and suppliers,” said the CEO of Artenay Bars. “It is a tremendous advantage for our company. We are now able to deliver on time documentation related to our products. Our clients are very happy.”

Lascom’s updated CPG module facilitates the compliance process and includes the following features:

  • a single repository to safely store product formulations, data and documents and enable quick response in the case of a sanitary alert
  • a formulation tool to easily update or create formulas and automate nutritional value calculation, required ingredient list editing, label creation and any other technical document updates;
  • a supplier portal to transfer product specifications input and responsibilities regarding raw materials;
  • a complaint management tool [Lien vers page customer complaint management] to better handle suppliers’ non-compliance and customer complaints;
  • a task manager module to define and organize project tasks and alerts;
  • a dashboard module to create reports and analyze ongoing activity .

“Consumers want more transparency around their food, and our job at Lascom is to help our clients meet these demands easily and efficiently,” added Jesus Cortes, Food Solution Expert for Lascom Solutions. “With new labeling requirements from the FDA a distinct possibility, we will continue to ensure that our technology and expertise are optimized to help our clients adapt to this ever-changing landscape.”


Lascom has built its global success on developing and deploying comprehensive software solutions and services that manage the complex business processes and information associated with document, product, project, and configuration management.

Based on the success of its configuration management technology (introduced in 1997) and its advanced workflow functionality (introduced in 2002), Lascom has evolved into a best-in-class provider of enterprise business process management solutions.

As projects and products evolve, maintaining a coherent “single version of the truth” is critical to performing gap assessments and impact analysis, as well as making key business decisions in the most efficient and effective manner. Lascom PLM software suite uniquely organizes, manages, and inter-relates a wide range of project/product information.

PLM is not just a tool. Understanding the different market segments of PLM solutions is a success factor. Lascom has heavily invested in its workforce to transform its project managers into a team of experts that know about customer problems and best practices. By capitalizing on product/project information and simultaneously on market knowledge, Lascom PLM is the key tool to empower strategic visions.

Lascom technology is used by over 200 large and medium-size organizations around the globe in such diverse industries as aerospace and defense, transportation, utilities, discrete and process manufacturing, as well as consumer packaged goods manufacturing and retailing.

Lascom is proud to be a part of Schouw, our partner, breakfast session for Enterprise food companies on Wednesday morning, June 17, 2020. 

We will discuss how to deal with New Product Development, product changes and managing product specifications, allergens and ingredient declarations with Lascom PLM and Foodware 365 Product Specifications (ERP solution dedicated to the food industry)A solution for all the challenges you encounter in this area.


7.30 am                       Introduction Schouw Informatisering, Aptean, Foodware 365               

7.45 am                       When do you advise which solution?               

7.55 am                       Foodware 365 – Product Specifications               

8.20 am                       Short break               

8.30 am                       Lascom – Product Lifecycle Management               

9:00 am                       Question round               

9.10 am                       Closing

Lascom is proud to present Lascom Lime Cloud: a packaged, scalable and quickly implemented cloud PLM solution designed for food and beverage manufacturers.


  1. Lascom presentation
  2. PLM in a nutshell
    • What is PLM?
    • PLM VS Specialized software
    • New trends of PLM adoption
  3. Lascom Lime – 360° tour
    • What does it do?
    • Teaser
    • How to get started?
  4. Q&A

We translated into our solution more than 10 years of successful PLM projects with industry leaders and innovators. Lascom Lime Cloud provides refined, modular and comprehensive product development features able to support your ambitions, whatever they are!

In this webinar, our experts reviewed PLM basicsLascom Lime’s most praised features and showed what tangible competitive advantages the PLM technology brings.

We’ve contributed to shape the best digital product development practices in the industry. Trust us to start your PLM journey!

You are a cosmetic industry player striving to manage your specification data, boost your product innovation, reduce your time-to-market and control associated risks?

Come and join us for a presentation about “Cosmetics Business Solutions” during In-Cosmetics Global.


  • 9:30 am – 10:15 am: coffee reception
  • 10:30 am – 01:00 pm: presentation of Lascom and Decernis
  • 01:00 pm – 01:45 pm: meeting and networking buffet

Address: Holiday Inn Paris Montparnasse Pasteur – 10 rue Gager Gabillot, 75015

Access: 15 minutes from In-Cosmetics Parc des Expositions

  • Subway: line 12
  • Bus: line 80

Software publisher for 30 years, Lascom embodies the new generation of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions. Our platform Lascom Lime brings together the strategical features of PLM, the expertise of the cosmetics industry pure players and the pliancy of a full-web solution. We capitalize on each customer experience and are ready to carry on your IT revolution!

Decernis delivers technology-enabled global risk management solutions for product development, compliance, safety, regulatory, and market acces. Our mission for all to have access to compliant and safe products engages all our teams to seek “regulatory truth”. We ensure that our clients have the solutions and services that give them speed-to-market and horizon scanning that enables them to seize opportunities as well as anticipate problems.

RFI, LLC, U.S developer of natural innovative ingredients, selects Lascom to better forecast new product costs while innovating and easing certification processes

Lascom today announced that its PLM Solution has been selected by field-to-formula driven, natural products company, RFI, LLC to facilitate its demanding certification process and assist R&D teams in new product development.

San Diego, September 22, 2015 Lascom works with local and global companies to help them to better manage new product development (NPD), product specifications consistency and product lifecycle (PLM).

RFI’s extensive network of manufacturing facilities in North America, South America and China provides customers with multiple natural product ingredient solutions worldwide.

RFI’s motto “Field to Formula” fits with the company values and the core business of providing their customers with superior quality products and turnkey solutions.

As they have shown tremendous growth, RFI recently adopted a new process to better manage new product development and more specifically the product specifications. Through Lascom’s solution, the R&D team is now able to provide specifications consistency throughout the product development and quickly provide technical datasheet information to their customers.  They have improved time to market and reduced errors due to manual data inputs by automatically generate product information, using customizable templates.

RFI, LLC is eager to forecast costs while developing new products. The formulation tool provided by Lascom allows the company to elaborate formulas, either from an already-existing product or from scratch, and to benefit from cost estimation, nutritional value and product weight in real time to optimize formula as much as possible. The feature, especially created for FMCG companies, assists RFI in better managing products (creation, updates, etc.) and generating ingredients statements, allergens and claims.

“We place high importance on our products’ quality,” said Chuck Frederickson, Controller, from RFI, LLC, “We have to comply with and meet the stringent food safety standards and requirements set forth by national, local and industry bodies including a certificate of analysis (CoA) attached to each product batch to ensure quality and consistency of products”.

Lascom’s PLM solution provides a central repository to gather data, documents and other information about both new and existing products, offering a “single version of the truth”. This implementation provides the ingredients company with tools to outperform competition in terms of quality and reactivity.

Jil CROQUET, U.S. Marketing Manager at Lascom explains, “Through our platform, RFI documentation and certifications such as CoA are automatically attached to products, enabling effective information searches, updates with impact analysis and distribution to customers. We are extremely proud of collaborating with RFI to assist the company in better fitting their customers’ needs”.

RFI and Lascom are working on integrating the PLM to RFI ERP to fully exploit both functionalities and benefit from an extensive service.

About RFI, LLC

RFI, LLC is a formulation-driven company providing premium ingredients to the Food & Beverage industries. The company offers natural antioxidants that are used in dietary supplements and functional foods, provides fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, organic raw material such as cereals and micro-algae products, liquid extracts, concentrates and fermented products.

Lascom is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software publisher that has been addressing the needs of the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) market for nearly 20 years. We help food & beverage and cosmetic & personal care manufacturers and retailers to improve their competitiveness through their innovation processes.

Intuitive search features, media file management, graphical dashboards, collaborative features… We have developed a new technological platform to meet new digital challenges: Lascom Lime.

“Lascom Lime is an ergonomic, functionally diverse and ready-to-deploy innovation software perfectly engineered for the new challenges of the CPG market.”

Redesigned ergonomics

Born from a close collaboration between ergonomists and developpers, Lascom Lime displays a refined, aesthetic and simple interface. It positions professional innovation tools in the e-commerce era and offers new mobile and tactile uses.

Intuitive search

Lascom Lime uses the time-tested Elasticsearch engine so you can unleash the full potential of your data and document knowledge base: full text search, categorical filters for narrowing  results, real-time data indexation, etc.

What’s next?

Preparing the future, Lascom Lime will be enhanced by several major innovations in 2019: calculation and mathematical expression engine, full web and third-party independant formulation tool, integrated regulatory compliance features.


For companies that need a centralized product repository, structuring data and documents, to easily manage product specifications.

  • Ensure end-to-end specification management throughout product lifecycle
  • Automate generation of label contents and ease its compliance
  • Facilitate collaboration during product review & validation



For companies that want to lead product development supported by a packaged solution including features dedicated to each department.

  • Improve product time-to-market
  • Simplify critical stages (e.g.: formulation, quality, compliance)
  • Monitor product portfolio and manage all associated development projects



Dive into a functionally comprehensive NPD solution tailored for the food and beverage industry, through a Total Cost of Ownership perfectly matching your needs.

Hosted on Azure

Enjoy the stress-free experience of a cloud-based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure: free and automatic updates, a non-shared database and Lascom’s full IT support.

 Project efficient

Leave IT project traumas behind and peacefully follow our structured and field-tested methodology guaranteeing a fast implementation and allowing a cutsomized configuration of the solution.


From only one department to the whole design chain, from a handfull to hundreds of users, from the subsidiary to the full brand portfolio, chose the solution able to support your growth strategy thanks to autonomous yet complementary modules.

  • Are you looking to streamline processes within your product development chain?
  • Do you struggle finding a software properly fitting your NPD needs?
  • Have you suffered from over-complicated and never-ending IT projects?
  • Do you feel like IT providers can’t fathom what your business consists in?

Take your innovation game to the next level and contact us [liens vers page contact]!

Lascom today announced that ANDRA, French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency, has selected its PLM Solution to manage data and their configuration for Cigéo, its deep geological disposal facility project for radioactive waste studied in the east of France.

Andra is in charge of finding and implementing safe and long term solutions for the management of all types of radioactive waste in France. Andra’s goal is to protect current and future generations from the hazards induced by nuclear waste. Independent of radioactive waste producers, Andra is under the supervision of France’s ministers for energy, research and environment.

Each year, radioactive waste in France is generated primarily at the country’s nuclear power plants and by its defense, industrial, healthcare and research sectors. Operational solutions already exist for a large majority of waste. However, the most highly radioactive and long-lived waste — some of which can remain hazardous for more than 100,000 years — cannot be disposed of in surface or near-surface facilities. Cigéo is designed to dispose of this type of waste at 500 meters deep.

If licensed, Cigéo will consist of an underground facility in which packages of radioactive waste will be stored. Throughout the facility’s life, waste packages will be received, inspected and prepared in a surface facility before being transferred to the underground facility. A second surface zone will house the logistics operations for the work to be carried out underground and shafts to the underground facility.

Andra is going to implement Lascom PLM to manage data and their configuration in Cigéo all along the project lifecycle. The solution will assist Andra during design, construction, operation, maintenance and closure phases. This project has many outstanding aspects; it lasts for a very long time – more than 100 years-, deals with an underground nuclear facility and involves many different companies. Data volume in such scheme is tremendous.

As the contracting authority for Cigéo project, Andra has to use, manage, share, trace and store technical and confidential data.

Lascom PLM solution set up at Andra will perform as “Plant Lifecycle Management” software and assist teams in documentation and project management, systems engineering, configuration and change management, allowing:

• Technical and Regulatory data exchange and control

• Costs, dead-lines and performances control

• Collaboration enhancement between internal and external participants

Learn more about ANDRA

Learn more about Cigeo

About Lascom

Lascom’s North American office has been located in San Diego, California, for more than 10 years. Lascom works with local and global companies to help them to better manage their product specifications and project lifecycle. Lascom’s global strategy is succeeding making it a serious participant in the PLM sector.

Using Lascom’s PLM, customers’ productivity has increased by optimizing their documents and configuration management processes. PLM also considerably helps businesses to better manage projects through reporting tools and score carding modules. Lascom has already met the needs of over 250 customers worldwide.