PLM Discrete Manufacturing and Systems

Whether it’s in electronics, aerospace or equipment industries, products and services have to be adapted to customer’s specific needs. Clients are managed by project in order to organise and follow up each stage of the business cycle, from pre-sales to maintenance and support.

With Lascom PLM, manage your technical  and sensitive data by business case with an overview of your current projects.

gestion cycle de vie produit industriel

How can Lascom PLM helps you?

  • Consolidate your data throughout project life cycle

    Facilitate collaboration between suppliers, subcontractors, partners and customers

    Create a knowledge base and define company’s know-how

  • Accelerate technical and financial answers

    Facilitate potential business identification and qualification with “Score Carding”

    Reduce your time to quote and consolidate the REX

    Simulate BOMs’ costs and pre-sales configurations

  • Manage required product changes 

    Manage products customization according to requirements 

    Manage change requests with immediate effect identification

    Accelerate exchanges and share detailed information with suppliers and partners

  • Track customer requirements by business case

    Gather all finished products in a central knowledge base

    Master changes and retrofit

    Follow up service support and corrective actions

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