Luxury groups, benefit from the 360° vision of your product innovation process thanks to PLM

LVMH, Hermès, Kering . . . French luxury groups are the ambassadors of France’s industry and are currently overperforming: 10 French groups among the worldwide Top 100 represent 23.5% of sales for the year 2016. But they are not spared by the digital challenges and the search for sense of meaning.

Consumers have today unprecedented access t information and are aware of the power it provides. They are not looking to show-off the same shiny logo as their neighbour just to say: “I can afford it too!”. They want a role in a story set between the physical and digital worlds, in phase with their burgeoning values of transparency, sustainability and authenticity.

Facing consumers whose loyalty no longer dwells in the brand’sname but in the values it defens, companies and brands must now be the first to offer new experiences, both individual and collective. Create the feeling of belonging to a community sharing the same values while ensuring the product-service couple is personalised to the extreme. To meet these agility and responsiveness challenges, mastering the innovation itself is no longer enough. The key is mastering the innovation process! 

IT urbanisation

IT application software urbanization

The “all-in-one” and “best of breed” approaches have followed each other over the last twod ecades, leading to a proliferation of IT applications in companies. To each new expressed need, a new solution was added to existing architecture. Thus as the number of interfaces multiplies the operating costs skyrocket and the whole IT system becomes rigid.

To meet the new challenges of digital transformation and agility, Lascom’s PLM solution supports the entire innovation process. It enables you to harmonize the operations over all businness units, facilitate internal and external collaboration, saving time and energy in order to focus on business priorities. 

Mastering packaging artwork

packaging artwork process management

A product’s packaging is as important as the product itself. Made of noble materials and sometimes produced in “limited editions”, packaging can mobilise the 5 senses and is an extension to the consumer experience, who often keeps it as a souvenir or decoration. Flaws should not be permitted.

lascom’s PLM solution is the tool for rigorous and efficient management of packaging artwork as it features an information repository and provides graphics comparison, real-time task delegation and tracking functionnalities. Free yourself and focus on what you do best: create.

Compliance optimisation

compliance regulatory process optimization

Validation of dermatological tests, obtaning organic certification, complying with INCI regulations. . .. Regulatory processes are both inevitable and time-consuming. The amount of information to process is considerable and stockpiled accross company departments, all of which must be translated into several languages.

Lascom’s PLM solution guarantees a “single version of the truth” ready to be shared at the right time to the right contributor, both inside and outside the company. Its complementary modules of automatic and multilingual document generation (PIF, SDS, list of allergens. . .) are the ultimate tools to speed up and simplify all your regulatory processes.

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