Customers’ complaints management

Putting customers at the heart of your concerns

Listening to your customers and quickly responding to any problem are major concerns for every business.

A defective product, sanitary alert, etc. lead to significant immobilization requiring a quick support and an efficient processing.

Moreover, a food scandal or a reported allergy following the use of a product can rapidly affect a product or company image to the general public.

In this context, effectively identifying, replying and tracking customers’ complaints are crucial to protect the company’s brand image.

Réclamation client


Quick processing of customer’s complaints

Quick errors’ correction
and lasting avoidance

Improved monitoring of preventive
and corrective actions

Traceability of the entire
customers’ complaints process

Lascom PLM solution for customers' complaints management

The complaints management module enables businesses to automate their internal process and the processing of customers’ claims. When a client files a claim, the company’s goal is to speed up the processing of this claim and solve it as quickly as possible.

The company must anticipate and reduce the number of complaints. In general, complaints’ reports are compiled within a file and rarely dematerialized, hence, preventing the consolidation of customers’ complaints and implementation of preventive and corrective actions plans.

In order to do that, Lascom offers a complaints management module capable of:

  • processing customers’ complaints
  • dematerializing data
  • managing non-conformities
  • implementing indicators and dashboards

Businesses should be able to handle complaints through a process that is transparent and completely documented for both sides, companies and customers.

Complaints management process

Processing of customers’ complaints and monitoring of actions

All those responsible for complaints management need to be

continuously informed of the current processing status until the problem has been solved and preventive actions have been implemented. Until the final steps, the solution must monitor

the progress and send messages whenever a deadline is not respected, in order to ensure reliability and consistency of the process.

Traceability of all customers’ complaints

Each reported complaint is accessible from the repository,
which allows for simple searches, searches by client, supplier, product, type of anomaly, etc.

By automating the processing of complaints, Lascom ensures an effective follow-up
of customers’ claims and avoid any loss of information related to those claims. All processed complaints are tracked.

Analysis of customers’ complaints

Lascom CPG includes reporting tools that allow users to monitor the progress of the processing of customers complaints:

  • number of customers’ complaints per product, client, etc.
  • progress of customers complaints’ processing
  • ranking of complaints
  • all problems that occurred during a defined period
  • etc.