Yoplait and Lascom PLM

Lascom solution helps YOPLAIT achieve faster product development times

Dairy manufacturer Yoplait selects Lascom’s CPG Solution to reduce product development times and increase company-wide productivity.

Companies have to manage all the knowledge associated with their complete product portfolio design processes, which can grow substantially with the introduction of private label products. For Yoplait, the situation became critical: to meet the increasing demand for new products while maintaining control and minimizing risks, the R&D division had to more easily access a multitude of scattered data, documents, and event information on ingredients, food risks, additives, characteristics, allergens, regulations, quality controls, etc. “We are continually looking to better our research and development and increase the speed of product innovation, so we can continue to deliver the market leading results our customers expect,” says Damien Pinot, Yoplait information systems manager.

Yoplait selected Lascom CPG to manage all the data and documents associated with formulation, such as ingredients, nutrition, allergen, physical and chemical characteristics, product specifications, and labeling. In doing so, considerable time was saved in searching for information. In addition, Lascom CPG improved the efficiency and visibility of key business processes through workflow software and easy-to-use web interfaces.

“Our experience with the food industry combined with a strong solution has enabled us to deliver Lascom CPG especially tailored to meet Yoplait’s requirements,” says Jean-Louis Henriot, CEO of Lascom. “Lascom CPG continues to support cutting-edge innovation in the food industry, and will help Yoplait stay among the leaders.”

Known the world over, Yoplait is the world’s second-ranking brand in fresh dairy products and manages more than 2,500 product references globally. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries and global network of franchises, the company has established an enviable market presence across 5 continents and in almost 50 countries.

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