Petsource by Scoular chooses Lascom Lime

Scoular is a 127-year-old agri-business company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Serving diverse markets such as aquaculture, flour milling, and livestock feeding, Scoular provides global and diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients and food ingredients.

With the mission to redefine what start-to-finish looks like in pet food ingredient manufacturing, in 2019 Scoular created Petsource by Scoular, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary, dedicated to the recipe development, meat processing, freeze-drying and packaging of high-protein ingredients for pet food manufacturers.

Discover why a new pet food brand identified Lascom’s PLM as a key competitive asset for customer satisfaction.


“We expect a lot of new customers and our operations are going to be very complex. We knew from the start we were going to need a tool to support that. We see PLM solutions as a competitive asset to differentiate ourselves from other pet food ingredient manufacturers.”

“We wanted something that truly helps with project management, encompasses every aspect of product development, is intuitive for the users, is web-based and can scale up with us. We saw Lascom could offer us all of that!”

– Brian Martin,

IT Product Leader at Scoular


Petsource by Scoular Customer Story


  • Initial goals
  • Business challenges
  • Organizational aspirations
  • Technological requirements
  • Project implementation expectations
  • Lascom as the legitimate choice