Lascom PLM to assist Safran – Microturbo technical data management

Microturbo is a Safran group company. It is specialized in gas turbine design, development and manufacture. Based in Toulouse, France, Microturbo is a propulsion and non propulsion systems world leader. Microturbo is a recognized world reference due to its 50 years experience in innovative concepts.

Microturbo activity is composed of two product types:

  • On board power auxiliary for aircrafts and helicopters, as well as for ground applications and start systems.
  • Turbojet engines for missiles and target drones. Microturbo turbines are part of the wide range of engines for aircraft and aerospace propulsion in Safran group.

Microturbo benefits from a strong collaboration with Safran Group. Safran is an international high-technology leader, in aerospace, defense and safety. Why Lascom ICS.

Microturbo products are manufactured in small batches, and are often tailored to fit customers’ needs. Some products life cycles exceed 40 years. During this time, it is necessary to produce spare parts, maintain products and care for clients. Consequently, there are lots of machine types, in many versions.

Microturbo wanted a flexible and scalable tool to fit the company development. Microturbo chose Lascom ICS to address these issues.

PLM system : Safran

Microturbo was looking for a tool able to provide:

  • Reliable configuration management
  • Efficient change management
  • Document management to attach data and documents to articles and nomenclatures

Configuration management to PLM

First, Microturbo implements Lascom ICS in the survey department to manage BOM definition and BOM processes. Documents references are related to items. The platform automatically switches classifications validated in the ERP to the PLM repository.

Second phase involves the establishment of a safe electronic vault. Its purpose is to receive all documents related to items (including plans, specifications, ranges and maintenance manuals). Documents from the quality system are also added to the vault, with a set of procedures and instructions. Today, vault volume is more than 130GB. It is the repository for all technical documents.

Third, the documents approval process is automated. The workflow is user-friendly and composed of a flexible approval process considering each document.

In addition to these phases, Lascom ICS interfaces with the main applications of Microturbo information system. CAD provides plans and templates, ERP receives specifications, 2D and 3D tools range for manufacturing, installation and repair.

With these developments, a wide range of users benefit from an easy access to technical information. The PLM consists of an intermediary, gathering and distributing data.

Assembly devices configuration management

To better manage products, Microturbo wanted to add their “traceability book” documentation to the platform. This documentation outlines the assembly configuration for each device. The application is designed to help operators to install the right configuration and to trace the effective assembly configuration. The application manages new and repaired combinations. The process involves four steps:.

Original reference configuration creation

  • When new, it is the last approved configuration. When maintained, the operator asks for a configuration corresponding to the maintained device or part “version”.

Assembly configuration definition

  • When new, the operator can adjust the configuration according to interchangeabilities. When maintained, it is more complex. The application helps the operator to develop the target configuration based on parts and modifications to set.

Assembly configuration implementation

  • The operator gives information about assembly parts considering traceability, reference, serial number, batch number.

Assembly configuration approval

  • Quality manager approves assembly device conformity.

In conclusion, thanks to Lascom ICS inner characteristics, Microturbo reached its objectives but also developed a more comprehensive system. Microturbo has now a single repository where all technical data is gathered. It covers the products life cycle and contributes to daily quality improvement.

Microsturbo Customer Story