Lascom Lime supports Monin’s globalization

Monin has been manufacturing high value products for foodservice and hospitality professionals since 1912. Offering 150 flavors of syrups, liquors, fruit-based preparations, sauces or smoothies, Monin distributes its products in 150 countries

Facing the challenges of globalization and multiple development processes, Monin’s Quality and R&D departments identified the need for a global platform to help them standardize processes and unify teams in a single solution. A PLM software was the best answer to meet these challenges. 

With Lascom’s PLM, we were able to make our data more reliable and to work with traceable validation processes

Anne, R&D Project Manager, Monin

With Lascom’s PLM, everybody has access to the same information at the same time. We save a lot of time!

Nathalie, R&D Project Manager, Monin

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Monin and PLM

Discover how Lascom’s PLM helped Monin to:

  • Improve its supplier relationship


  • Formalize a recipe creation process common to all teams.


  • Ensure the continuity of information