IPSY supports their product development with Lascom Lime

Why the largest beauty subscription service in the world chooses Lascom to support their product development activity

Through its three subscription services – The Glam Bag, the Glam Bag Plus and The Glam Bag Ultimate – IPSY set the challenging mission of sending every month a profile-based personalized selection of cosmetic items to its subscribers while offering high-value deals. Counting more than 3 million active customers, IPSY is a pure player of our digital native and consumer centric era.

IPSY logo banner
IPSY customer story mockup

IPSY initially expressed the following needs:

  • Save time on specification management
  • Shorten approval cycles
  • Solution ready to use under 3 months
  • Support toward the industry’s best practices


“Lascom will unlock the business to go bigger and support our growing customer base. We have people in USA and China who will hop on the tool too.”

“Unlike Lascom, not every provider gives worth to coming on site and really talk in details with the teams. That was super valuable!”

“We want them to help us build the best design chain. We know the customers they have worked with and we trust them to implement the solution the right way.”

– Danny HSU,
Group Product Manager at IPSY