Lascom PLM and d2m3 to streamline Expro processes

Expro is a leading international company specialized in oil services and well flow management. Expro provides services and products to measure, optimize and control oil companies processes and products. This British company has customers all over the world and employs more than 4500 people across 50 countries.

Challenges Expro has a large engineering department with 70 engineers. They are specialized in oil products and systems. Expro faced challenges before PLM implementation which are very common to any kind of advanced engineering company.

Expro has experienced significant growth in recent years resulting from internal growth and successful mergers. Like any growing company, Expro tries to optimize its processes to better adapt its growth strategy.


One of Expro’s challenges is to effectively manage and control its design process as well as all documents attached to this specific stage. Thus a key point was to benefit from better document identification and tracking. Everyone involved in engineering and manufacturing should be sure that they are working on latest document version. As their product portfolio was growing, it was essential to effectively control product changes, to identify in which complex assemblies the parts have been used and to analyze the impact of any change on each item.

Expro wanted to implement a PLM solution to better manage the following issues:

  • Change management of technical documentation
  • Impact analysis
  • Audit of all design changes

The software solution implemented by Expro to streamline their processes

Expro decided to implement a solution that would meet immediate needs but it was also eager to set up a solution flexible enough to extend to other departments in future upgrades.

Through the initial solution, Expro securely manages all data, documents and products from initial plans to finished product in a structured manner. Expro has exhaustive visibility of documents, their status, their versions, their changes and related impacts.

Expro requires a simple and fully secure access to the platform. Lascom provides an easy-to-use web interface to enable the Expro global network to share and collaborate in a common repository. The repository acts as a “single version of the truth” by gathering all documents and information related to projects. It is possible to provide a restricted access to the repository and easily manage access rights. This feature was key for Expro. It was a convenient way to satisfy client needs, by providing them restricted access to the application via the Internet, wherever they were.

Impact analysis is a crucial feature. It allows Expro to quickly separate finished product items to identify a targeted element. Thus design engineers have all the critical information before making any changes to a product.

Expro better manage products, documents and data thanks to their Lascom ICS implementation. The company is able to analyze change impacts and provide restricted access to its clients. Furthermore Expro has to comply with strict regulatory constraints. Employing an efficient tool to help them with their quality processes is essential.

Expro now has a reliable and safe tool to better manage all aspects of products and its project information.

  • Compliance with ISO9001 standard is defined by the Lascom ICS solution and is not required to be explicitly detailed in the compliance documentation.
  • The overall deployment and access to project information is simple. Absolutely no implementation is required on the user’s computer as the platform is web based.
  • Expro considerably gains in efficiency. It reacts quickly to any failure or change by identifying causes and analyzing impacts.
  • Expro clients are able to securely access documents from the outside. Expro no longer wastes time and money on paperwork..