Video Testimonial – Petsource by Scoular share their PLM experience

Petsource by Scoular – a brief introduction

Scoular is a 127-year-old agri-business company based in Omaha, Nebraska. With the mission to redefine what start-to-finish looks like in pet food ingredient manufacturing, in 2019 Scoular created Petsource by Scoular, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary, dedicated to the recipe development, meat processing, freeze-drying and packaging of high-protein ingredients for pet food manufacturers.

To lay the foundations for success, Scoular began the construction of a $50 million manufacturing plant and developed a strategic IT roadmap, in which Lascom plays a key role. Focused on customer satisfaction, Petsource’s management quickly identified that a PLM solution was necessary to sustainably develop the business.

Lascom Lime went live on July 26th for Petsource by Scoular. Petsource’s Senior Research & Innovation Scientist Amy Tesinsky answers our questions and provides her feedback on their new PLM solution: Lascom Lime Cloud.


  • Context and companies’ presentations
  • Project genesis and definition
  • Supplier and solution selection
  • Project implementation and delivery
  • Operational feedback and improvements

Enjoy the replay!

Petsource by Scoular share their experience with Lascom Lime Cloud