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Quality Control and Brand Image

Product quality management is a serious challenge for businesses as it has a direct impact on brand image and consumer perception. If a product is perceived by consumers with poor quality it will have a negative influence on product and brand image. Brands may never recover from scandals, consumers trust could be lost and product image ruined.

Product quality control is crucial to avoid product scandals and maintain a good brand image. It needs to be done on a regular basis and in collaboration with suppliers. Quality control plan needs to be accurate, recorded and updated. Brands have to react quickly in case of safety alerts, non-compliance issues or consumers complaints.

In another hand, businesses have to comply with regulations and respect several standards. Food, beverage and retail industries can implement ISO 9001 or ISO 22000 standards – involves HACC method to comply with current regulations. Beauty and cosmetic industry are recommended to follow ISO 22716 quality standard and especially respect GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidance.

Quality management : How the Quality Module can help you ?

Lascom’s cosmetics & food quality management software offers a large range of tools in order to manage the quality control and plan for your business. From data management and storage to information accuracy and tracking, quality tools enables your teams to follow-up and maintain the product good quality :




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