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For processed food manufacturers, innovation is the major driver of growth and profits. New products can mean adding new customers, enhancing marketing claims, expanding sales with line extensions, or reducing costs by altering ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging or suppliers. Every company is racing to develop more products faster and be the first to launch them, knowing that a head start on the competition is the best way to ensure a product’s profitability and a place on the retailer’s crowded shelf. Those companies whose products are late to the shelf are forced to compete at lower price points and suffer poorer returns on R&D investments.

Unfortunately, managing the New Product Development (NPD) process has become considerably more challenging. Product specifications, ingredient lists, manufacturing steps, quality controls, and regulatory requirements have grown larger and more complex. In addition, NPD decision processes are more detailed and involve more people than ever before. These obstacles help explain why the food industry is one of the few where time-to-market for new products, line extensions, and reformulations is actually getting longer.

While most companies understand how relying on simple tools, such as email, Excel task lists, and general purpose collaboration environments slows time-to-market and introduces costly risks, most aren’t sure what functionality they should be looking for. Here’s your chance to find out!

This educational webinar, moderated by Bob Garrison, Chief Editor at Prepared Foods Magazine, will explore the Lascom CPG Solution features and functionality to support the Essentials of New Product Development:

  • 1. Easily initiate and manage the NPD decision process through various decision gates and activities while maintaining effective oversight throughout the product development cycle;
  • 2. Quickly develop product prototypes using a library of supplier ingredient and packaging specifications, manufacturing procedures, quality parameters, and other related information while eliminating the need to re-key into supporting technologies, such as Excel, Word, or Genesis R&D;
  • 3. Automatically generate comparison reports for multiple product prototypes in order to accelerate the selection process;
  • 4. Streamline the final approval process and automate the distribution of final product specifications to all stakeholders.

Whether you’re looking to acquire a solution or just curious on how other companies accelerate time-to-market, make better decisions, and minimize risks, this webinar is one you won’t want to miss.

Presenter Information

Greg Nutter

Presenter - Greg NutterGreg Nutter is LASCOM USA’s Vice President and leads the effort to market LASCOM’s solutions into the US Food, CPG, and Life Sciences markets. Greg’s experience spans over 25 years encompassing sales, marketing, management, and consulting positions where he has developed and implemented a wide variety of global strategies and programs aimed at helping customers apply technology solutions to improve key business processes. An accomplished presenter, Greg has spoken at numerous corporate and public industry forums throughout North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Robert Garrison

Presenter Robert GarrissonBob Garrison came in from the cold. A founding editor of BNP Media’s Refrigerated & Frozen Foods (R&FF) Bob has profiled industry-leading companies, explored corporate strategies and covered food product development trends at more than 150 leading private and CPG companies since 1989. He has chronicled the histories of leading brands and businesses, including Gorton’s, ConAgra Frozen Foods (Banquet) and Swanson’s frozen TV dinners. He also has interviewed or profiled such food industry leaders as Mike Harper (ConAgra), Don Tyson and frozen bagel icon Murray Lender

About Lascom

Founded in 1989, LASCOM is a software and services company that helps food manufacturers and private label retailers improve productivity and reduce business risks in new product development, change management, quality control, and regulatory compliance. LASCOM’s CPG Solution allows food industry companies to achieve these benefits in the following ways:

  • Manage all product information such as specifications, parameters, certifications and documents associated with product development, change control, quality management, and regulatory compliance.
  • Enhance collaboration to improve the efficiency and visibility of key business processes.
  • Automate many administrative tasks and integrate with other technology applications.

Lascom has helped a wide range of food industry companies save time, improve productivity, make better decisions, reduce risk, and increase market valuations without large investments or organizational disruption.

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