Lascom updates CPG software

Lascom updates CPG software to edit product specifications prior to INCO

The new INCO regulations is a revolution in Europe.

As long-term partner with food industries and food services, Lascom updated its solution to help companies to better manage INCO from raw material to labeling all through product lifecycle.

The Food Production Daily explains INCO issues and how Lascom assists companies to solve them.

The Lascom CPG solution is dedicated to the food industry and food service sector. It offers functionalities to better manage data and documents attached to products in a single repository. This “single version of the truth” ensures products and data reliability and availability.

As European and worldwide manufacturers exporting to the E.U. are directly impacted by this new INCO regulation, the Lascom solution has been updated to better fit their specific needs. Using Lascom CPG solution, R&D and quality departments will benefit from the ability to edit product specifications (nutritional values, allergens, etc.). It is then easier to be in compliance with the INCO regulation requirements.