Fabrique Delice and Lascom for traceability improvement

Lascom implements Fabrique Delices ingredients tracking within a month, which leads to successful quality excellence and traceability audit

Lascom Quality Module adapted for SME to assist the premium charcuterie company in excelling in traceability and quality control processes

In less than a month, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) experts Lascom have completed an implementation for charcuterie business, Fabrique Delices, enabling them to trace batches and supply within half an hour.

“We want other retailers and customers to know that Fabrique Delices is completely reliable when it comes to quality and traceability. We hope to gain in brand awareness and polish our already premium brand image to attract new customers in the U.S.” said Sebastien Espinasse, Sales director at Fabrique Delices.

Consumer concerns for food safety, animal welfare, and the environmental and ecological impact of food production and agro-processing have become increasingly important.  Consumers and other stakeholders in agro-industry now demand transparency in the way food is grown and handled throughout the supply chain, resulting in the emergence of ‘traceability’ as an important policy issue in food quality and safety.

“Tracing food through the production to distribution chain to identify and address risks and protect public health has always been a major concern for us” said Antonio Pinheiro, Vice President at Fabrique Delices.

Following these trends and needs in food consumption as well as arising FDA and USDA food law enforcements, American retailers and distributors recently improved food standards quality through enhanced traceability and higher food control requirements for their suppliers.  Fabrique Delices, in accordance with these principles, chose to anticipate and overcome these quality and traceability controls.

Lascom also has many food and beverage customers. Where other PLM offers focus on the technical side and configuration management, the Californian outsider is dedicated to CPG businesses. Contracts with U.S. and overseas food manufacturers, retailers and food services as well as long term experience on the CPG field and dedicated experts was reassuring for Fabrique Delices.

Through effective design, implementation and development, Lascom set up its Quality Module adapted to small company to assist the specialty charcuterie company in excelling their quality and traceability process.

Marc Poinsignon, President of Fabrique Delices said, “This ambitious project was very important for us; deadlines were tight and budget limited. Lascom outperformed, working in collaboration with our teams, listening to our needs and the challenge was fulfilled in less than a month”.

Jil Croquet, U.S. Marketing Manager at Lascom  explains, ‘The Lascom system means that should there be a sanitary alert on a dedicated ingredient, Fabrique Delices can now identify, within half an hour, which products, batches or client deliveries are affected and effectively organize recalls if needed. In addition, if consumers report a problem to a retailer, Fabrique Delices is able to identify potential hazardous ingredients and scroll back to the supplier”.

Ultimately, productivity has also improved For example, documentation such as orders, invoices, certificates or batch ID have been dematerialized and are now managed through Lascom web-based database. Users can easily access them and manage product lifecycle through the platform

About Fabrique Delices

Fabrique Delices is a French charcuterie business located in the San Francisco Bay area for more than 25 years. With an extensive product line of 150 gourmet products from salamis, sausages, duck confit and rillettes to country pâtés, Fabrique Delices produces over 3,000 pounds of products a day. Proud provider of artisanal charcuterie to the White House, Fabrique Delices, offers an exciting range of specialty charcuterie items made in the U.S. and respectful of French recipes and traditions.

Fabrique Délices clients include distributors and famous retailers such as Trader Joe, Whole Food, Costco, etc.

About Lascom

Lascom’s North American office has been located in San Diego, California, for more than 10 years. Lascom works with local and global companies to help them to better manage their product specifications and project lifecycle. Lascom’s global strategy is succeeding making it a serious participant in the PLM sector.

Lascom provides PLM solutions for the food industry, retail and foodservice. Using Lascom’s PLM, customers’ productivity has increased by optimizing their product development process. PLM also reduces risks attached to new product development and products regulation. Lascom has already met the needs of over 250 customers worldwide.

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