Cost-effective and ready for use: the new generation of PLM softwares

Your IT projects are opportunities, not burdens!

Key accounts traditionally require specific software development in order to make the solution fit into their processes and not the other way round. This leads to numerous discussions, time-consuming customizations, cumbersome onboarding phases… We have faced these pain points. We know they’re real!

That’s why we packaged our solution into two standard and innovative packages: “Essential” and “Corporate”.

“Essential” package

For companies that need a centralized product repository, structuring data and documents, to easily manage product specifications.

  • Ensure end-to-end specification management throughout product lifecycle
  • Automate generation of label contents and ease it compliance
  • Facilitate collaboration during product review & validation

“Corporate” package

For companies that want to lead product development supported by a packaged solution including features dedicated to each department.

  • Improve product time-to-market
  • Simplify critical stages (e.g.: formulation, quality, compliance)
  • Monitor product portfolio and manage all associated development projects

What is a PLM?

A PLM is an integrated innovation tool providing a comprehensive set of features for all teams involved in new product developments: Marketing, R&D, Procurement, Quality, Regulatory affairs. . .

By addressing day to day challenges (as marketing and regulatory requirements traceability, product specification management, label content generation, validation workflows…) while generating strategical insights on ongoing projects and products, Lascom’s PLM helps your company align its strategical ambitions and operational actions.

Direct competitive advantages:

  • Sharper decision making
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Easier and reliable regulatory compliance
  • Smoother internal and external collaborations
  • Fully traced data and information

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