Our Partner Program

Our trusted technology business partners around the world partner with Lascom to help organizations solve Life Cycle Management issues.

Our partners are certified.

To inquire about becoming a Lascom business partner, please email us.

Mapemonde partners

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Opportunities to partner

  • Attract new markets and new customers,
  • Increase revenue,
  • Gain an edge over competition,
  • Expand current product portfolio without risk and investment,
  • Build an ecosystem to gain market share,
  • Develop and retain existing customers
Success Concept
  • Business partner incentives,
  • Pre-sales support,
  • Access to technical resources and expertise
  • Ready to use starting kit
  • PLM/ERP complementarity, PLM is ERP’s upstream
  • Address PLM-ERP’s RFQs
  • Gain a competitive edge on your competitors
  • Deploy your business to R&D, marketing and quality
  • Access corporate level

Who qualifies ?

Expertise in one of Lascom's markets
Software selling expertise
Solution implementation expertise
Solution editors