What has changed due to INCO? – Infographics

Compliance with regulations is not only compulsory by law. Consumers are more and more aware of quality and standards. They are looking for safer food and read labeling more carefully than ever. Recent food scandals severely impact consumers trust in food companies and they become pickier when choosing product on supermarket shelves.

Last December, the new E.U. n°1169/2011 regulation, commonly referred to as INCO (Information to Consumers), was put in place to enhance food labeling. The regulation has already led to significant changes in what consumers know about the food they buy.

Being in compliance with regulation is essential for companies. As the regulatory volume increases considerably, food industries, food service and retailers must manage and follow efficiently data and documentation attached to products from R&D to the shelves through production, marketing, quality etc.

Changes due to INCO