Project Management : the grape analogy – Video

While considering projects, companies must focus on 3 points of view; each project one by one, projects portfolio and overall resources available.

Projects can be extremely varied in terms of topics, progress, resource/time consumption, people involved, cost, expected deliverables or used methods. To allow maximum flexibility and efficiency it is important to consider each project separately.

Project portfolio

Projects are gathered in project portfolio and the global efficiency is more often considered than each project efficiency taken individually. Reporting tools are focused on overall results as big projects can often be divided into many smaller ones. For instance, while launching a new product, creating a new formula is a sub-project and having the new product onshelves with a launching campaign is the overall project. This overall project at a specific scale can also be part of a bigger project and so on. In that case, having effective tools is crucial – Communication between subsidiaries is improved using a global platform, a product can be launched in many countries in a shorter time if companies use a multi-lingual & multi-regulatory module assisting them or traceability is enhanced thanks to a supplier portal.

When resources are shared between projects, then reporting tools providing information about due dates, progress and resources use are important. Decision makers can prioritize some projects in case of resources shortage. Return on experience makes companies aware of best practices to implement and improve general knowledge.

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