Product Information File

What is the Product Information File (PIF)?

The European regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products requires industry professionals to provide a Product Information File (PIF) for each product commercialized.

According to regulation 1223/2009 article 2.11, the product information file shall be kept at the disposal of the competent authorities at least ten years after the last product batch has been placed on the market.

The health authorities can review the PIF at any time, and if they notice that a cosmetic product presents any non-conformity, they will require the immediate withdrawal of the product.

Creating and monitoring the progress of a Product Information File represent major challenges for cosmetics manufacturers and distributors. They need to have reliable and automated key stages: retrieve, organize, edit, secure and monitor the information and chapters of the PIF to be able to provide a complete file at any time.

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A Solution to Generate the PIF (Product Information File) 

To create the PIF (Product Information File), different information needs to be retrieved from both company’s internal departments and its suppliers – toxicology experts, laboratories, etc.

Automate and secure PIF (Product Information File) creation and management thanks to an scalable tool designed for each client’s methods and processes. Businesses have set specific processes to comply with regulation 1223/2009 requirements, depending on their business and interactions with partners.

Lascom CPG includes all functionalities guaranteeing quality and reliability: automated notifications for internal and external stakeholders, system of approval and information dissemination, alerts, etc.

Product and raw material information is directly retrieved from suppliers and shared with internal teams. Data and documents are tracked and accessible by everyone. With a PLM solution ease collaboration across the departments to make the PIF dossier faster.

When the PIF (Product Information File) is complete and up-to-date, the persons in charge are automatically notified and if something is missing they’ll receive reminders. Product Information File can be easily exported from the application in different format.

Product Information File – Benefits

Easily retrieve product
and raw material information

Save time and money 

with an automated PIF tool

Secured, traceable and 
reliable information

Track progress and 
receive alerts when needed

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