Food and Beverage Formulation

Challenges in Food and Beverage Formulation

Formulation is one of the most decisive steps in innovation. In the Food and Beverage industry, the Research & Development teams face important challenges such as business constraints, cost management, recipe simulation and versioning, updates and mass replacement.

Raw material prices are an essential aspect to take into consideration when formulating recipes. On the one hand, prices are important to determine which raw materials to choose in a formula, on the other hand a price change can affect the total cost of a product already on the market. Food companies are extremely anxious about pricing fluctuations and require a highly effective cost management.

A comprehensive allergen management should also be implemented. It is crucial to correctly manage allergens, such as peanuts, shellfish, etc., and health claims, such as vegan, gluten free, organic, etc., when creating new recipes. However, an appropriate allergen management requires to always comply and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Therefore, it can quickly become challenging having to manage all requirements, yield, loss, raw materials and manufacturing costs, etc., while managing different versions of a recipe. Indeed, manufacturers assess their product formulations and recipes continually, to ensure that business targets are met. At the same time, businesses have to comply with customer and regulatory requirements, in order to maintain product quality and profit margins.

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Optimize Product Formulation thanks to a formula management software

Lascom formulation software allows the creation of new formulas from scratch or from existing ones. R&D teams create, modify, review, edit and update formulas through the user-friendly platform.

Our software performs as a robust formulation management solution, providing cost and nutrition calculation and optimization, as well as allergen management to R&D professionals in real time. Users are able to create or modify a product, recipe or menu by retrieving information from the platform. They can also simulate different versions of the same product. It has never been easier to add or eliminate an ingredient from a recipe or modify its quantity.

It also provides full support for product formulation characteristics, including, nutritional information, chemical, physical, and organoleptic.

Thanks to its centralized repository, our solution offers better traceability of raw materials, recipes, product versions and any product information. R&D teams can easily manage products specifications and nutritional information, two key factors in NPD.

Lascom PLM for food & beverage is the essential solution to support formulation, as well as, every step of a product development


Lascom Formulation Tool

Allows Businesses To:

  • Speed up formulation
  • Manage product composition
  • Optimize recipes
  • Generate nutritional value, cost and ingredient list 
  • Analyze risks (allergen list, GMO, etc.)
  • Identify presence of allergens
  • Calculate cost price
  • Create formula following specifications (price, nutritional value, allergens, etc.)
  • Save and track past and current recipes

 Formulation software : Benefits

Quickly formulate

Manage all
product specifications

Access USDA &
CIQUAL databases

Identify allergens
& health claims

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