Non-Conformity Management

Non-Conformity Management Challenges

A non-conformity is any discrepancy between the design or production and the contractual requirements of a client’s order (e.g. specifications, contracts, plans, etc.) or of the company (e.g. processes, memorandums, instructions, manufacturing plans, sub-orders). If not properly handled, a non-conformity can have serious consequences, especially on costs associated to re-formulation, decrease of customers’ satisfaction, and loss of certification, to name a few.

Non-conformity management is essential to control and certify the quality of any product. Quickly identifying non-conformities and putting in place the necessary corrective and preventive actions play a key role in optimizing the quality of a product.

An effective solution to manage these non-conformities is the implementation of a non-conformity management software. Such software allows businesses to report an incident regarding a product, dematerialize and gather non-conformities’ information, put in place corrective and preventive actions and efficiently track any data.

Implementing this kind of solution allows businesses to establish collaborative processes, facilitating the identification of non-conformities:

  • Internally – during the design, preparation, manufacturing and assembly steps, and audit activities regardless of the type of audits.
  • Externally – when the clients receive the products, during the product’s use or after its use.


Non-Conformity Management Made Easy With Lascom

Lascom offers a non-conformity management tool enabling users to report an incident regarding a product. With this tool, it is easy to add comments, digital photos and any documents related to the incident. The person responsible for the management of these events is then assigned to the evaluation of this non-conformity to determine the causes and plan corrective actions. It will ensure that a suitable solution is quickly offered to the client, increasing customer satisfaction.

The non-conformity management module relies on two key elements of Lascom solution. The first one is the processes. These processes and workflows guarantee that the right people receive the right information at the right time. The second element is the repository or knowledge base. Having a common knowledge base allows non-conformities’ information to be dematerialized/digitalized. Then, this data can easily be consolidated through indicators.

Lascom PLM is the ideal solution to simplify the process of non-conformity management:

Internal and external process – Manage both, the test results on an item/article/product (internal) and the customers’ complaints (external)

Declare a non-conformity – Easily input information following templates (e.g. description, product concerned etc.), associate any documents related to non-compliance (e.g. photos, comments, etc.), and select which process to follow.

Qualify the non-conformity – The person in charge of the non-conformities’ qualification automatically receives a notification to consult the information and input his/her results and comments. Thanks to a Gantt chart, it is easy to consult, identify and manage which tasks are completed, in progress and planned.

Handling the non-conformity – Lascom reporting tool enables users to monitor the status of the non-conformity. 

Close the non-conformity – Input information on how the non-conformity has been solved. Once it is closed, every non-conformity is saved in the repository, which allows quick search (e.g. search by customer, product, types of non-conformity, etc.)

Key Features of the Non-conformity Management Tool:

  • Declare and manage non-conformities identified before, during and after production
  • Study the non-conformity to determine the causes
  • Plan corrective actions
  • Track all informations and exchanges

Non-conformity Management- Benefits

Report a

Monitor the
non-conformity process


Traceability of
all non-conformities

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