Food and Beverage Labels

Product Labels are Subject to Complex Regulations

Product labeling is subject to complex legislations which differ from one country to another. For instance, in the US, companies must comply with the Nutritional Facts Label established by the FDA, whereas, in Europe, they need to follow the INCO regulation – European Regulation 1169/2011. It is challenging for manufacturers and retailers to constantly stay up-to-date with these regulations and ensure that their products are regulatory-compliant at any time. Laws are continually evolving, and food labels which do not comply with current legislations can be both costly and damaging for a company and its brand image.

Companies are continuously challenged to enforce food labels compliance. They have to gather all the necessary product information, stay up-to-date with the latest legislations, and ensure that all their products’ labels comply with every regulation. Moreover, having a large product portfolio and/or renewing several products on a regular-basis add complexity to these challenges.

An open communication with suppliers is also important as there should be a smooth flow of information from and to them. Ingredients and products’ information should always be available and updated.

Therefore, it is clear that having to comply with several food labeling requirements can be cumbersome. It is even more challenging when companies are selling their products in different countries. However, food labels also have advantages, businesses can use it as advertisement to make their products more attractive to consumers.


How to create regulatory-compliant labels

Lascom Food Labeling Solution

Labeling is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, behind the label, many parameters must be taken into account and controlled such as, retrieving data from suppliers (e.g.: list of ingredients, raw materials, nutritional values, etc.), complying with regulations in force, managing the various languages displayed on the packaging, and completing regulatory dossiers and certificates before launching a product.

Lascom PLM is the ideal solution to enforce label compliance. Lascom software enables businesses to centralize and structure specifications and product information in a consistent way. Additionally, it ensures that the flow of information is always accurate and automatically updated in the solution, – from information submitted by the suppliers to the generation of labels.

Lascom labeling tool will automatically generate ingredient statements, allergens statement and labels which comply with any country’s regulations. For instance, it is simple to generate a Nutritional Facts Panel (USA), or an INCO-compliant label (Europe) in any European language – e.g.: French, English, Italian, etc. Additionally, this tool lists the presence of allergens and the claims that can be used on a product packaging.

Lascom labeling tool also allows companies to automatically calculate and generate the nutritional value of a product. The tool calculates those values based on the nutritional value of each ingredient used and the transformations applied to the recipe. If needed, it is possible to access the CIQUAL and USDA tables through Lascom solution. So the ingredients included in the recipe may be generic ones from the USDA/CIQUAL tables or purchased ones with their own nutritional characteristics.

Lascom Features Enforce Food Label Compliance

  • INCO and FDA compliant labeling tool
  • Automatically generate list of ingredients
  • Automatically generate nutritional values
  • Provide presence and list of all allergens
  • Access to USDA and CIQUAL tables
  • Centralize product information and data

 Food label compliance & conformity solution : Benefits

Ensure country-specific

Automate label

Centralize and share
key information

Guarantee information

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